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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

State Dept. spokesman not sure of Maoist review

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 April: Even as Speaker Subash Newang claimed US was re-considering to lift Washington’s terrorist list on Nepal’s Maoists, quoting US ambassador Nancy J.Powell, State Department Spokesman Tom Casey said,” Well, I’m not sure, what, if any discussions, are going on in that regard.”
Newang and Powell held discussions this week; Newang quoted Powell as saying meetings in Washington were reviewing the list after Maoists are expected to lead a government following victory in elections.
i“But I can’t tell you at this point whether there is, in fact, an ongoing review related to Nepal,” the spokesman said this week according to a Indo-Asian News Service report published in The Himalayan Times.
He even said here’s no change in US outlook towards Maoists ‘at this point’..
“At this point, you know, there’s no change in their status, and we’ll follow the law as appropriate.”
He said an organization must
end its association with terrorism for de-listing; the only change is Maoists have been elected.
“I’m sure to the extent that any movement ends its association with terrorism and can do so in a way that would match those or meet those legal hurdles, that we’d certainly take a look at it.
“But I can’t tell you at this point whether there is, in fact, an ongoing review related to Nepal,” Casey said.
Powell is flying to Washington this week for consultations.

American climber with Free Tibet flag sent back from Everest

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 23 April: An unidentified American climber with a Free Tibet flag has been sent back to the Nepalese capital from Mount Everest after government even deployed the army to stop what Nepal’s considers anti-China on the 8848 meters activities on the 8848 meters world’s tallest peak.
The flag was discovered after a security check on members of the Eco-Everest Expedition 2008, The Kathmandu Post said.
Government has even given shooting orders to army and police personnel attached with foreign expeditions to prevent pro-Tibet protests.
The government has even banned 31 expedition members to climb beyond the second camp[6,200m] until 10 May; Chinese are expected to carry the Olympic torch beyond to the top of the world by that time.
Nepal and Tibet share the route to the common summit beyond 8,000.
Climbers from the south in Nepal could obstruct activities from the north in China beyond that point.

Last member of the gang of three leaves

Kathmandu, 23 April: Indian Ambassador Shin Shankar Mukherjee, the third and last member of the ‘gang of three’ leaves Wednesday after completing a nearly four-year mission in Nepal.
He along with British Ambassador Keith Bloomfield and US Ambassador James F. Moriarty, currently posted in Bangladesh, led a public campaign against the rule that was toppled in April 2006.
Mukherjee was been appointed High Commissioner in London and Bloomfield retired after completing his Nepal assignment.
They make public statements against the head of state, according to the foreign ministry, disregarding diplomatic dorms and practices and against accepted conventions.
Mukherjee leaves Nepal after Maoists scored a stunning victory in constitutional assembly elections 10 April.
The foreign ministry ignored an Indian embassy request to issue a denial Mukherjee’s wife was involve din a shoplifting incident at a capital’s department store.


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