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Monday, August 25, 2008

Power station blasted

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: The guest house of the 1,500 KW Chaku river hydel project was damaged in a blast Monday at Sindhupalchowk.
The project was completed two years ago.

NC central committee meet continues

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Main opposition Nepali Congress central committee meeting continued for the second day Tuesday.
Six speakers expressed their views on the first day Monday.
The meeting was chaired by Acting President Sushil Koirala in he absence of President Girija Prasad Koirala.
The meeting is discussing when to hold its general convention that should held once every three years.
Top leader Ram Chandra Paudel said the meeting could be delayed because effective unity hasn’t taken place so far even after the formal unification with the rebel Deuba group before the CA polls.
The party is also discussing restructuring, reforms, amendment of the party parliamentary statute, extending the tenure of central and local committees and formation of a committee to form party policy on federalism and a new constitution.

Former king moving to Himalayan Heights

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Former King Gyanendra is moving to his house in Himalayan Heights in Tahachal from Nagarjung, Naya Patrika reports.
The house in rented to the South Korean ambassador.
The former king moved to Nagarjung after government nationalized Narayanahiti Royal Palace.

Prachanda visits Mao mausoleum

Kathmandu, 26 Aug Prachanda, whose party is named after the late Chairman Mao, visited his mausoleum Monday with his wife Sita and paid their respects.
China has objected to Mao’s name being transfixed with Nepal’s biggest political party now elected to power.
Prachanda also held discussions Monday with officials of the Chinese Communist Party to expand party ties.
The premier flies back home Wednesday.

Shyam Sundar Gupta expelled

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Shyam Sundar Gupta and Khusilal Mandal have been expelled from NSP (D) by the party central working committee Monday for kidnapping and torturing party chairperson Ananda Debi Singh.
The meeting demanded Hindi be recognized as a second national language as a ‘link language’.
The meeting decided to hold a party national convention in Lahan, Siraha, 17 to 19 October.

Indian team arrives; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 26Aug: An Indian team led by Bihar state arrived in Biratnagar this week to start repair and maintenance work of the damaged Kosi project scheme.
India has asked Nepal for permission for aerial survey of the flood-affected region to assess damage for repair, Rajdhani reports quoting the Joint Secretary Shital Babu Regmi at Water Resources Ministry.
The request was made Sunday through a letter, new newspaper said.
Through agreement, India is responsible the upkeep of the project.
A Nepali government assessment team said India was responsible for the ravage because of neglect in maintenance.
Altogether 40,378 people from 7,102 households four VDCs were displaced by the floods, the Home Ministry said.
The flood also damaged 7,000 homes, 5,500 hectares of agricultural land, 12 km road, 13 long culverts and two pine culverts.
Industries in the East have closed down and movement of vehicles have been disrupted.
The flood damaged irrigation, drinking water projects, schools and other infrastructure causing millions of rupees in damage.
Thousands of Indians from across the border have streamed across the border into Nepal for relief as Bihar is also affected by floods.

Israel resumes visas for Nepali workers

Kathmandu, 25 Aug: After a gap of 15 months, the government has resumed granting permission to Nepali job aspirants for employment in Israel, The Kathmandu Post reports.
According to Krishna Dawadi, director of the Department of Labour and Employment Promotion, more than a dozen applicants have received permits till Monday to work in Israel.
“We resumed granting permission from this week,” Dawadi said.

Conspiracy to topple Prachanda govt.: Baburam Bhattarai

Kathmandu, 26 Aug: Conspiracies are being hatched to topple the Maoist- led government, acting Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai charged Monday in the capital.
“Such conspirators will be swept away. Maoist government cannot fall,” he said. “If he Maoist government can’t function, on other government can.”
A no-confidence motion against the government can’t be registered in the CA in six months.


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