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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Limbuwan strike disrupts life in east

Kathmandu, 30 Nov: A strike in federal Limbuwan province disrupted life in nine districts in the east Sunday including transport service.
Markets in towns like Kakarvitta in the terai region were closed down.
Organizers of the protest accused government of not honouring past agreements.

Further details of Girija speak at Pokhara

Kathmandu, 30 Nov: Main opposition leader Girija Prasad Koirala Saturday mentioned Maoists 67 times in 23 minutes continuing his jihad in Pokhara against the CPN (Maoist) launched form his hometown two months ago.
“Poor Maoists! They’ve already drowned; I’ll save them now. They are lost in a verbal maze.
“Maoists are promise breakers. They make promises and break them. Now there won’t be any agreement with them.
He took their name 67 times in 23 minutes.
‘They nearly trapped me in their play of words; Prachanda himself is now entrapped.
“Let Maoists manage their PLA and YCL. Let them not effort politicization of the army,” Koirala told party workers at a national awareness campaign.

Two suspects held for journalist murder

Kathmandu, 30 Nov: Police on Saturday arrested two persons in connection with the alleged murder of local journalist Jagat Joshi, The Kathmandu Post reports from Dhangadi.
Karan Raut and Prakash Raut, younger brothers of local businessman Lokendra Raut were arrested after family members lodged complaints with the police.
Lokendra Raut is at large.
Joshi, editor of Dhangadi edition of Janadisha, a vernacular daily and chairman of CPN-Maoist affiliated Kailali chapter of Association of Revolutionary Journalists, went missing on 8 Oct.

Code of conduct being enforced for Maoist lawmakers this week

Kathmandu, 30 Nov: A code of conduce is being enforced for Maoist constituent assembly (CA) members that will make it difficult for them to wear expensive clothes, move around in expensive vehicles and carry mobile sets worth, more than Rs 10,000, Kantipur reports.
A code of conduct entitled ‘Proletariat thought behaviour ; strong implementation’ is being enforced this week.
It is prepared by Maoist CA Coordinator Post Bahadur Bogati.


“Buses provided by India to ‘transport assembly members’ have been kept at the garage disused. People’s representatives to draft the constitution believe riding such buses with embossed Indian flag will adversely impact nationality.”

(Naya Patrika report, 30 Nov.)

“Because government is busy prioritizing its political agenda, it hasn’t succeeded in promoting a sense of change as per wishes of the people.”

(Government assessment of its first 100 days in office, Naya Patrika, 30 Nov.)

“Some anarchist groups in terai are out to make money.”

(Forum Chairman and Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav, Kantipur, 30 Nov.)


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