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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nepal for first time declares Christmas holiday

Kathmandu, 25 Dec: Government for the first time declared a public holiday on Christmas Thursday.
Nepal is Hindu-majority state even after it was declared a secular state in 2005; the country was previously a Hindu monarchical state.
Nepal is probably the world’s only country where public holidays are declared to celebrate world religions.
The initiative started 2008.

Govt., journalists talk

Kathmandu, 25 Dec: Government and agitating journalists are holding talks Thursday to discuss
a crisis after Sunday’s attack on Himalmedia by a Maoist union.
Journalists have protested the attack after which Maoists forced the closure of the Biratnagar regional unit of Kantipur Publications which published The Kathmandu Post and Kantipur.
Maoists said they are pressing workers’ rights which management says have been met.
Government has directed Communications Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara to initiate talks with journalists to resolve the dispute.

CPN-UML meets Thursday

Kathmandu, 25 Dec: CPN-UML central committee meets for the fourth consecutive day Thursday to finalize a political report of General Secretary Jhalanath Khanal and organizational change report of Amrit Bohara ahead of the party general convention February 2009 in Butwal..
Bohra has recommended removing the suffix UML from the party’s name.
The party is also resurrecting the post of chairman vacant after the death of Mahmohan Adhikari, the world’s first elected communist prime minister.
The party is also creating new posts of vice-chairmen and other office bearers.
The committee meting is expected to conclude Thursday.

Police provided bullet in murders of Kathmandu teenagers

Kathmandu, 25 Dec: Arbijndra Pandit of Armed Nepal Police provided the crude weapon and bullet used in the murders of teenagers Ashish and Rohit, Annapurna Post reports.
This has come to light in a police probe.
Arbindra is brother-in-law of chief murder suspect Rajendra Pandit.

Govt. to end subsidies for festivals

Kathmandu, 25 Dec: Government has decided to end subsidies for all festivals and cultural events from the next fiscal year, Annapurna Post reports.
Cabinet took a decision last Wednesday.
Resources will have be mobilized locally henceforth.

8,500 declared martyrs

Kathmandu, 25 Dec: Cabinet Wednesday declared 8,500 persons killed during the Maoist rebellion, revolts of indigenous people and Madesh martyrs.
Peace Minister Janardhan Sharma Prabhakar presented a proposal to declare martyrs.

Pilot, co-pilot survive crash

Kathmandu, 25 Dec: Pilot and co-pilot of a Nepal Airlines Twin Otter survived a crash Wednesday at Tribhuvan International Airport during takeoff.
The pilots survived with minor injuries when the aircraft skidded into a fence.


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