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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeling of change in another 60 days: PM Prachanda

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: PM Prachanda has said if people don’t get a feeling of change in another two months, the government under his leadership will fail, Annapurna Post reports.
The prime minister said this while replying to points raised Wednesday by lawmakers of Unified (CPN-Maoist).
“We’ll be successful if we show our work in two months otherwise we’ll be proved a failure. Now ordinances will be promulgated to give a feeling of change,” Prachanda said.
“It took us five and a half months to learn. Now government and constituent assembly will be managed in an organized manner,” Barshaman Pun said quoting Prachanda.
Government immediately promulgated three ordinances days after the parliament was prorogued.
The cabinet Wednesday promulgated the Investment Board Ordinance 2065, Ordinance to Declare Special Economic Zone 2065 and Public Service Ordinance by amending existing laws.
Parties in and out of immediately criticized the promulgation as undemocratic.
CPN-UML General Secretary Jhalanath Khanal charged Wednesday the ordinances were promulgated without consultation.
NC Girija Prasad Koirala said Maoists are out to finish a parliamentary system saying the ordinances should have been presented to parliament.

Germans coming

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: A four-member German parliamentary delegation is coming 4 February on a three-day visit to discuss peace process, democracy, federalism and current political developments.
The delegation is being led by Vice-President of Bundestag Dr Wolfgang Thierse.

PM gets another Indian invite

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: PM Prachanda has received an invitation to visit India, Annapurna Post reports.
India Today group ha invited his to visit from 6 to 7 March to address a symposium in New Delhi on change and challenges.

Pakistani sentence to death for killing Nepali

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: A Pakistani has been sentenced to death by a Dubai for killing Nepali security guard according too The Nation report Wednesday.
Bahadur Badan, 34, was knifed last March.

East-West highway to reopen in three weeks

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: The East-West Highway, which was damaged after Koshi River breached its embankment last August will come into operation in the next three weeks, The Kathmandu Post reports from Biratnagar.
According to Ashok Chaudhary, chief of Department of Road office in Biratnagar, among the seven places in the Sunsari-Laukahi road section of the highway that were destroyed due to flood, the process of filling mud in five places has been completed.

Nepal joins renewable energy agency

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: Nepal has become member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IREA), RSS reports.
Minister for Environment Ganesh Shaha signed on the founding conference on establishment of IREA held in Bern 27 January.

President serious with govt. intervention in cultural affairs

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 29 Jan: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has said he’s concerned with repeated government intervention in cultural and religious affairs, Rajdhani reports.
The president told this to astrologers and others who had gone to present a memorandum Wednesday protesting decision to incorporate only 11 months in 2066.
“The issue is serious. This is an issue concerning Nepalis in neighbouring India and other countries. The issue should be discussed in other countries,” astrologer struggle committee coordinator Dr Lokraj Paudel quoted the president as saying.
The meeting with the president lasted 35 minutes.
After the formation of the present government, president said mistakes have been made in withholding funds for Indrajatra and appointment of priests at Pashupatinath.
The president assured he will alert government using his constitutional right and even personally.


“I have been made chairman of constitutional committee but I don’t know what my responsibility is.”

(Madhav Kumar Nepal, Annapurna Post, 29 Jan.)

“Nobody will be a Madeshi president now. Only the present political uncertainty enabled the election of the president and vice-president now.”

(Vice-President Parmanandha Jha, Naya Patrika, 29 Jan.)

“What CPN-UML leaders spoke is not their language. They were ordered to speak by power centers.”

(PM Prachanda, Rajdhani, 29 Jan.)

‘The police arrest criminals, but the ruling parties effect their release, saying they are their cadres. How can human rights be safeguarded in such a situation?”

(Chairman of National Human Rights Commission Kedarnath Upadhaya, The Himalayan Times, 29 Jan.)


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