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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Six more ministers join govt.

Kathmandu, 25 June: Six more ministers Wednesday joined the month-old Madhav Kumar Nepal government
They are from the MJF, RPP, CPN (ML) and TMLP.
Sharat Singh Bhandari and Mrigendra Kumar Singh were appointed ministers for tourism and agriculture from the MJF.
Ganesh Nepal and Ram Chandra Kuswaha of CPN (ML) joined the government as ministers for youth and sports and education.
Dipak Bohara (RPP) was appointed forest minister
Man Bahadur Shahi CPN (ML) was appointed state minister for land reforms.
Ram Kumar Sharma and Dan Bahadur Chaudhary from the TMLP didn’t take their oaths of office..
Government expansion isn’t yet complete.

UNMIN mandate extended for six months

Kathmandu, 25 June: The cabinet Wednesday extended the mandate of the UNMIN which ends 23 June for another six months.
Government Spokesman Shanaker Pokhrel said the peace process and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants are yet to be completed.

Head of Khyati Shrestha foud

Kathmandu, 25 June: The decomposed head of Khyati Shrestha was found by police from Raniban near Balaju.
Police recovered part of the ransom money of Rs 900,000 paid by the girl child’s from the apartment Merina Shrestha, 16, and main accused Biren Shrestha Pradhan.

Indian ban on Naxalites meaningless: Nepal’s Maoists

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 25 June: Unified CPN (Maoist) declaration of Naxalites terrorists and an Indian ban on their activities was meaningless, Rajdhani reports.
Military action has been launched against them as well.
Indian federal government announced the ban Monday,
“Nepal has shown what ensues when a political power for sweeping change is declared a terrorist; they [Naxalites] won’t be eliminated by declaring them terrorists. Chief of the International Department CP Gajurel said in an authoritative statement.
[Note: India doesn’t negotiate with Naxalites on their demands. India negotiated a peace between eight parties, including Nepal’s Maoists] in 2006.

Nepal to open more embassies

Kathmandu, 25 June: Cabinet Wednesday decided to open embassies in four more countries.
Embassies will be opened in South Africa, Canada, Brazil and Kuwait.


“Paudel’s [Ram Chandra] tiumps in theparlaiemnary party election reinforces thenever-say-never adage, especially wen it comes to horses cast inthedarkes colors.”

(Maila Baje, People’s review, 25 June)


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