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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canadian permission to open Nepal embassy

Kathmandu, 24Aug: Canada has finally approved Nepal’s request to establish the Nepal embassy in Ottawa, The Kathmandu Post reports.
This will pave the way for haring process of the proposed envoy to Canada Bhojraj Pokhrel.
Nepal is, however, get approval from Brazil, Kuwait and South Africa to set up diplomatic missions in these countries.

Maoist fund collection drive in Malaysia

Kathmandu, 24 Aug: The Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
,which earned notoriety for its excesses during the insurgency, has put yet another feather on its cap. For the party’s ‘donation drive’ has crossed national frontiers into Malaysia. Republica reports from Kuala Lumpur.
The Maoists in the presence of senior leader CP Gajurel had established Nepal Progressive Worker’s Front in July 2008 in Malaysia professedly to protect the interests of thousands of Nepalis working there.
However, the front instead is known to be fleecing Nepali workers of hundreds of thousands of rupees every month. The party headquarters reportedly receives Rs 500,000 to Rs 600,000 every month from the front.
The front’s officials are working to expand the body. While within a short span of a year it has already made its presence felt in Malaysia. Currently, the front comprises a central committee, four regional committees an 40 area committees.
The front levies a monthly charge of 20 Ringets (Rs 420) from the central committee members, and two to five Ringets from regional and area committees. It its present strength, the Front boasts of more than 1,000 members in its central, regional and area committees.
The Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML also have organizations in Malaysia, but they are largely inactive.


“There’s widespread opposition to the government plan [special security policy]. But if the plan is opposed under as a political guise, operation will be launched considering them criminals.”

(Home Minister Bhim Rawal, Rajdhani, 24 Aug.)

‘A common Nepali citizen still has to dole out bribes to get anything done in public offices. The problem is: Those who are supposed to curb corruption are still not interested in it. Their interest is better served in situations where corruption flourishes.”

(Former CIAA Chief Surna Nath Upadhaya, Republica, 24 Aug.)

“The MRS [Magar Rajya Samiti] is preparing to form a parallel government to fulfill his aspiration of carving out the Magarat Autonomous State. The people’s court will become active in the new set up.”

(Maoist leader Hamenta Prakash Oli ‘Sudharshan’. The Himalayan Times, 24 Aug.)

“Resolve the Bhutanese refugee issue through discussion and understanding between Nepal and Bhutan.

(PM Nepal’s foreign advisor Rajan Bhattarai quoting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh advising his Nepali counterpart in New Delhi, Nepal Samacharpatrea, 24 Aug.)


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