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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PM Nepal seeks logistics support for enhanced participation ion UN peacekeeping

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal asked world leaders, including US President Barak Obama, for logistics support Wednesday for enhanced participation in UN peacekeeping operations.
“ Nepal has the fifth largest contingent in the UN peacekeeping missions. We’re committed to the cause and are ready to enhance the current level of participation if there is support for contingent-owned equipment, which constrains our capacity for timely deployment.
“We all would like to see the UN grow as a vibrant and robust institution capable of meeting all the new and emerging challenges face by mankind,” Nepal told a meeting of 10 nations contribution to the UN peacekeeping operations worldwide.
Nepal Army has been involved in peacekeeping for five decades while Nepal Police and Armed Police Force have also been recruited later.
PM Nepal Wednesday asked a health conference to provide Nepal with long-term and predictable financing for improvement of health and quality of life.
The prime minister addresses a meeting sponsored by Columbia University Thursday and is expected to highlight Nepal’s current political issues as a key speaker.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the university last year.

Army asked to fill in vacancies

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari has directed Army Chief Gen Chatraman Singh Gurung to fill in vacancies al all levels in Nepal Army, Nagarik reports.
The process was obstructed from last year.
A senior defence ministry source said gave the directive after concluding a supreme court interim order of Falgun [Feb/March] doesn’t restrict the army from filling in vacancies.
For nearly one year, no advertisements have been issued to fill in vacancies following a court order during the Maoist-led government not to take in new recruits until final verdict after filling in vacancies for which advertisements were already placed.
Vacancies are filled every six months.
UNMIN last year opposed army move to fill in vacancies.
“UNMIN or those employed in foreign agencies can’t say not to fill in vacancies; they can’t direct which general shouldn’t be prompted or take action against such a person,” Bhandari told defence correspondents Tuesday at her residence.

Deuba demands clarification from UN on Maoist threat forum approved popular revolt

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Former Prime Minister and senior Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba criticized Maoist Chairman Prachnada for threatening a “UN supported popular uprising’ asking people not be confused, Rajdhani reports.
‘Maoists have lost the right to speak on behalf of the Nepali people after only talking of weapons. Those who talk only of weapons have no right to speak on behalf of the people.,” Feuba told Rajdhani.
“The UN silence on such a serious issue will draw it into controversy. UN can’t remain silent after its name has been dragged. On behalf of the UN, Prachanda can’t talk unilaterally,” Deuba said.
“It’s necessary for UN to give a message of neutrality and that it has no axe to grind because UNMIN has already been dragged into controversy in the past,” Deuba added.
UNMIN wasn’t above controversy in the Ram Hari Shrestha murder case, Deuba added.

Decisive fight for republic from Valley: Dr Baburam Bhattarai

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: As top Maoist leaders talk of conflicting claims of a a breakthrough in a political stalemate after tihar with the formation of a Maoist-led government under its leadership, third man in the party Dr Baburam Bhattarai Wednesday predicted a conclusive ballet for a republic from the Valley.
“The conclusive fight for a people’s republic will be fought in Kathmandu Valley and that will be a decisive one,” Bhattarai said.
In Palpa, Chairman Prachanda warned the Nepal government will be in a majority without an end to a four-month political impasse by tihar.
Prachanda also reiterated the third movement without political understanding will also be decisive.
“Not only this government will fall but the country could plunge into serious constitutional crisis as well,” he said adding the passage of the budget of fiscal year 2009/10 will be stalled.
Meanwhile, CPN-UML standing committee Wednesday formed a seven-member talks committee headed by Bharat Mohan Adhikari to conduct talks with parties to end the political deadlock.

IAEA chief arriving

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Dr Mohamed El Baradei, an Egyptian, arrives for a three-day visit 1 October.
A meeting has been scheduled with Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
Other details of his first Nepal visit weren’t known.


Rs 10 billion WB assistance for education

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: The World Bank board Wednesday approved a $130 million or Rs 10.03 billion assistance for the school sector reform programme, an announcement said.
The programme launched this fiscal year will run until mid-July 2015 to reform overall education system.
Asian Development (ADB) in Manila Tuesday also approved $95 million or Rs 7.33 billion for the Rs 202.62 billion project.
Meanwhile, USA Tuesday gave Nepal a $ 205 million grant for the next five years to implement various projects.

Team to study reasons for currency note shortage

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: A team headed by Dr Mangal Siddhi Manandhar was formed Wednesday by the finance ministry to probe the crippling shortage of currency notes during the festive season.
Manandhar is a former chairman of the planning commission.
The team with former finance secretary Bhanu Prasad Acharya and Comptroller General Abinendra Kumar Shrestha will submit a report within 21 days.
Banks have taken emergency measures to pump money into the market hitby a sales slump during the peak marketing season.
Commercial banks said they will remain closed during thehholidays to ease the crisis.

Arc Fly to start flights between Kathmandu, Amsterdam

Kathmandu, 24 Sept: Arc Fly, a subsidiary of TUI Netherlands, will start once weekly flights between Kathmandu and Amsterdam.
Permission was granted Wednesday by Ministry of Tourism.
Nearly 120 tour operators are being flown in 7 October.


“Madhav Kumar Nepal has stopped listening to me these days. He always says Sushil Koirala and Ram Chandra Paudel have to be consulted. I say do this on the request of the party president, but the prime minister doesn’t.”

(Sujata Koirala Janaastha, 24 Sept.)

“The drafting of the constitution should move ahead as laid down by the peace agreement. Without an understanding between leaders of the main opposition CUCPN (Maoist), and ruling parties Nepali Congress and UM the constitution can’t be drafted.”

(Chairman of main constitution drafting committee Nilambar Acharya, Annapurna Post, 24 Sept.)


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