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Friday, October 23, 2009

Maj Gen Toran Bahadur Singh appointed acting army chief

Kathmandu, 24 Oct: Maj Gen Toran Bahadur Singh Saturday takes over responsibility for running Nepal Army from Army Chief Gen Cthatraman Singh Gurung.
Gen Gurung leaves for Hawaii Saturday to attend a conference of top army officers in his first foreign outing after appointment earlier this year.
The cabinet Friday appointed Maj Gen Singh acting army chief even without approving a recommendation by three ruling parties and the army to promote his to Lt Gen.
Reports said Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is sitting on the file after protests against the second-ranking office in NA for rights abuses, especially UN.

Maoists extend threats to launch movement

Kathmandu, 24 Oct: Maoist standing committee Friday didn’t go ahead with a threat to immediately launch the next phase of their street protests immediately after chat being celebrated in the terai Saturday by worshiping the sun.
The committee instead gave the ruling parties until 1 November to meet their demands, including the formation of a Maoist-led government.
Maoists also are demanding a correction in the decision of ceremonial President Dr Ram Baran Yadav to retain Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal by the Maoist-led Prachanda government earlier this year.
The president acted on the recommendation of 18 ruling parties against the spirit of the popular movement that snatched powers of the king and made vested power in the prime minister.

KDC refuses to withdraw charge against Rishi Dhamala

Kathmandu, 24 Oct: A Kathmandu district court (KDC) district bench Friday refused a government request to withdraw charges against Chairman of Reporters’ Club Rishi Dhamala for alleged involvement in three bombings in the capital and extortion
Police, during the Prachanda era, has charged Dhamala and two other journalists of for links with Ranabir Sena, a armed terai group.
The court decision is a serious embarrassment for the government which withdrew the charges against Dhamala to take him to the New York in Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s entourage to address the UN general assembly.
The court said charges can’t be selectively withdrawn
The US embassy first refused Dhamala a visa.
PM Nepal was heckled in the USA by a group for including Dhamala in his entourage.

Girija sick

Kathmandu, 24 Oct: Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala Friday underwent a medical check-up after complaining of chest pains.
He is resting at home.


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