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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PM Nepal to be invited member of HLPM

Kathmandu, 14 Jan.: Chairman Prachanda and Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala Thursday morning held discussions one day after Koirala and UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal agreed to include Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal in a high-level political mechanism (HLPM) as an invited member.
The discussed including the premier in the mechanism.
After widespread dissatisfaction within Nepali Congress and UML, Prime Minister Nepal will be included in the high-level political mechanism as a permanent invited member.
Maoist Vice-president Dr Baburam Bhattarai has also criticized the mechanism launched personally by three parties
NC President Koirala and UML Chairman Khanal agreed Wednesday to include Nepal after the meeting and one day after Chairman Prachanda the said the premier wasn’t in the HPLM because he is an obstacle to resolving a prolonged political impasse.
Khanal said the mechanism will meet Monday.
Ram Chandra Paudel, NC vice chairman and leader of the parliamentary party said Wednesday after returning from London Koirala now isn’t in a position to impose his diktat on the party.
“It’s true Girijababu passed what he willed in the party; but the situation has now changed.
“The mechanism is surrounded in mystery although it has no power. The mechanism has first to take power from the parties in it,” Paudel said challenging aging Girija’s authority.

Maoists close down 16 terai districts

Kathmandu, 14 Jan.: Maoists Thursday closed down 16 terai districts protesting what they call government’s inability to stop killings on its activists.
Four Maoists have been shot dead in eight days by rebel groups in two central

terai districts.

Army officer injured in Haiti

Kathmandu, 14 Jan.: One army officer attached with the Nepal Army serving as a UN peacekeeper in the Caribbean island of Haiti was injured in Wednesday’s devastating earthquake that has killed at least 100,000 persons, NA said.
Nearly 1,000 Nepali Army personnel and 153 are attached with the UN.
Haiti is the poorest nation in the region.

Former King Gyanendra returns home

Kathmandu, 14 Jan.: Former King Gyanendra and Queen Komal returned home from New Delhi Wednesday.
During a five-week India visit, they attended a wedding of a
relative in Orissa.
The visit was their second to India after monarchy’s
The couple was received at the airport by former Crown Prince Paras.

Load-shedding to be extended from Sunday

Kathmandu, 14 Jan.: Weekly load-shedding will be extended
from 51 to 63 hours during the peak winter season.
Daily power outage will last nine hours.

Nitu Singh gets partial justice in India

Kathmandu, 14 Jan.: Maharashtra state government has rescinded a deportation order against Nepali student Nitu Singh, PTI reports from New Delhi.
Three conditions have been imposed for her return to resume studies.
According to the conditions, she won’t be permitted to talk with the media and will have to restrict herself to the campus.
She won’t be permitted to approach a court and has to take the permission of
campus administration to proceed out.

(Note: Singh is married to Amresh Singh, a former Congress lawmaker
and is considered close to the Indian government. Published
reports Singh engineered the expulsion in collision with the federal and
state governments for anti-India activities for which she should have been tried at a court. Singh has denied the charge against him.)

South Korean minister arrives

Kathmandu, 14 Jan.: South Korean Deputy Minister for Foreign and
Trade Lee Yong Jong Yong arrived Wednesday for a three-day visit,
The visit aims to enhance bilateral ties,

New UNHCR chief

Kathmandu, 14 Jan.: Swiss national Stephane Jaquemet has been
appointed UBNMIN chief.
Jaquemet succeeds Karin Landgren.


“The major violators of human rights have been backed by
political parties while they used to be supported by police and the
army during armed struggle.”

(NHRC Chairman Kedarnath Upadhaya, The Himalayan Times,
14 Jan.)


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