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Thursday, February 18, 2010

HLPM meets

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: A meeting of the high-level political mechanism
Was held Friday at the residence of NC President Girija Prasad Koirala who is the body’s coordinator.
The last meeting was inconclusive.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, an invited member, at the last meeting called for the integration and rehabilitation of 19,000 combatants by 30 April ahead of the 28 May deadline to promulgate a constitution.
Maoists opposed integration without a resolution of the current prolonged stalemate.

Maoist objection

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: Maoist Chairman Prachanda Friday objected with UNMIN Chief Karin Landgren the reported government preparations to cutoff monthly allowances to Maoist combatants no longer in 28 cantonments and satellite camps under UNMIN watch.
UNMIN says it has no control over 19,000 combatants.
Prachanda raised the objections after a published report Friday said more than half the combatants had already deserted camps
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal earlier said he suspected half the combatants weren’t in camps anymore.
Half of 4,008 disqualified combatants had left camps before their official departure and were being paid allowances by the government.

Former king asks people to be pro-active

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: Former King Gyanendra in a message to the people coinciding with the 60th Democracy Day Friday said people should be pro-active while enforcing and safeguarding national pride and independence.
“Democracy’s idealism lies in people assuming a pro-active role and a fully safeguarded and enforced national pride, independence and values all together. I earnestly appeal Nepal’s historical perspective should not be lost sight of.”
He called his grandfather, King Tribhuvan, the ‘father of the nation’.
The late king with help of political parties toppled the 104-year-old Rana autocracy.
‘Let the brightness and warmth of democracy reach every village, hamlet, bastis and in fact every home. Let all Nepalis be at peace and blessed with unity and cordial relations.
The contribution of Shah kings has been either ignored or minimized since the last six years.
The former king remembered the contribution of martyrs.
President Dr Ram BaranYadav was the chief guest Friday at a function of Nepal Army to celebrate democracy day.
The president returned home Thursday after concluding a four-day state visit of India- his maiden foreign visit.

APF deployed in three districts adjoining Tibet

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: Government has deployed Armed Police Force (APF) on three districts adjoining Tibet, Annapurna Post reports.
APF has been deployed in Mustang, Sindupalchowk and Rasuwa where border security offices have been established.
The offices have been established at the request of China.

Maoists only a tool of India, international power centers and political parties to topple, monarchy

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 19 Feb.: Former chairman of Raj Sabha standing committee Dr Kesharjung Rayamajhi and also a former General Secretary of Nepal Communist Party said political parties, India and international power centers have no moral right now to ask Maoists to disarm.
He also said Maoists were only a tool of India, international power centres and political parties to encircle and topple monarchy
“The crisis now is the result of conducting national elections by maintaining two armies after the 12-point agreement of 7 Mangshir 2053.
“On what ground can political parties now disarm Maoist PLA when the national army was neutralized to encircle monarchy and topple it with the help of Maoist fighters.
“What capacity do international power centers and parliamentary parties have to ask for the disarming of Maoist army?
“India, international power centers and parliamentary parties have lost the moral ground after assisting Maoists following the 12-point agreement and the toppling of monarchy.
“Nowhere in the world was an election held with a political party holding on to the army.
“Maoist got permission to go to polls with its army and established its supremacy.
“Monarchy wasn’t toppled by Maoist war with them staying 10 years in India; Maoists now feel nationalism is threatened.
“Maoists were only a tool to make monarchy a victim of international encirclement,” he said in an article entitled Army Integration and Constitution in Nagarik.


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