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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ram Nawami observed

Kathmandu, 24 March: Hindus observed Ram Nawami or the birthday of Lord Ram Wednesday by offering prayers at Ram temples nationwide.
President Dr Ram Baran Yadav offered prayers at the Ram Janaki temple in Janakpurdham.
Former King Gyanendra is flying to the town from the capital Wednesday to offer prayers.

Defence minister Bhandari meeting Chinese counterpart Thursday

Kathmandu, 24 March: Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari is holding discussions with her Chinese counterpart Liang Guanglie in Beijing Thursday.
She inspected a military training center of the PLA at Gullim Tuesday en route to Bejing from Kathmandu.
Nepal and China are expected to sign an agreement for import of communication for Nepal Army during the nine-day visit.

1,614 disqualified Maoists discharged

Kathmandu, 24 March: UNICEF confirmed altogether 1,614 disqualified Maoist combatants had deserted camps before their official discharge of 4,008 combatants from 6 January to 8 February.
Maoist leader Janardhan Sharma Tuesdays signed a declaration before UN and government representatives.
“It also means severing all ties between the Maoist army and those disqualified as minors, who can now freely undertake transition from military to civilian life,” UNMIN Chief Karen Landgren said.

SLC examinations begin Thursday

Kathmandu, 24 March: This year’s SLC examinations begin Thursday.
Altogether 466,300 students are sitting for the examinations.
Girija died on cancer

Kathmandu, 24 March; Girija Prasad Koirala died of cancer, Nagarik reported quoting an unidentified doctor who treated him.
The information was kept away from him.

WFP official dead

Kathmandu, 24 March” Mike Prier, a South African national with WFP, was found dead at a hotel in Birendranagar, Surkhet, Tuesday, police said.
His body was flown to the capital for postmortem the same day,

Bird flu outbreak in Banke

Kathmandu, 24 March: Bird flu outbreak has been confirmed in four places in Banke in the far-West, including district headquarters Nepalgunj.
The epidemic broke out in Fattepur, Binauna and Kohaklpur as well, local authorities announced.

Naxalite leader dead

Kathmandu, 24 March: Founder of CPI (ML) and veteran Naxalite leader Kanu Sanya was found hanging at his home in Naxalbari, West Bengal, just across the border in Jhapa, agencies reported from Silghuri.
It’s suspected the ailing communist leader committed suicide.
The movement which he started has now spread to more that 20 states in India.
The movement has been described as India’s worst internal problem.
Nepal’s Maoists once worked closely with Naxalites and even now are ideologically linked.

Ramdev to open yoggram

Kathmandu, 24 March: Swami Ramdeb is opening the first branch of Patanjali Yogpeeth outside India in Nepal, Nagarik reports from Haridraw in India.
A yoggram is being opened over in Dhulikhel spread over while the Nepal outlet of Patanjali Yogpeeth is being opened at Madhikatar.
Ninety ropanis has been acquired in Dhilikhel and 11 ropanis in Mandikatar.
Ramdev and General Secretary Acharya Balkrishna are arriving in Kathmandu three days later [Friday].

Strategy for UNMIN exit

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 March: Retired Lt Gen Balananda Sharma, who is coordinator of a technical committee of the special committee for rehabilitation and integration of Maoist combatants said Maoist combatants and be rehabilitated and integrated by Nepalis even if UNMIN leaves.
The 19,000 plus combatants should come under the control and supervision of the special committee is headed by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, he said.
“UNMIN wasn’t present during the ceasefire and when the peace process started. It was invited as a facilitator later only. The integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants can be done without UNMIN using the why experienced and intellectuals of the country. But political understanding in necessary for this.
“We should understand UNMIN will certainly go after six months even if it doesn’t leave 15 May. If all get together UNMIN can be sent back in Jesth [15May] but for it’s essential that UNMIN officials should be brought into the fold of the special committee.
‘Anything can happen if combatants aren’t brought under the special committee and UNMIN leaves. Combatants can be integrated and rehabilitated when UNMIN officials are brought under the special committee.
Sharma said Maoist combatants can’t be rehabilitated and integrated by 28 May when a constitution should be promulgated.
“In the remaining time, efforts can be made to bring the under the special committee. It’ll take time [six months to two years] if combatants to join security agencies. There can be political understanding between Maoists and government during this time.
“Technical work hasn’t been progress without political understanding.
‘It’s necessary government and Maoists should agree to bring the combatants under the special committee for control and direction.
“Even after UNMIN leaves a dispute will arise under whose supervision to keep the weapons of the combatants should be kept. Right now, Maoist combatants have come under the supervision of the special committee.
‘They aren’t obeying the instructions of the special committee right now. Its necessary to bring the combatants under the special committee while UNMIN is still here, Dharma told Deshantar.


Dipak Bista suspended

Kathmandu, 24 March: Four-time taekwondo South Asian Games gold medalist Dipak Bista was banned Wednesday by National Sports Council (NSC) from competing in all international and national events for one year from Tuesday.
NSC debarred him after Bista left for Singapore to participate attend a meeting of Youth Olympic Games as chef-de-mission of Nepal.
Nepal Taekwondo Association also suspended him as a central committee member.


“The interim constitution does not talk about president’s rule in the event of the parties failing to promulgate timely constitution as such the talk are mere rumours.”

(President Dr Ram Baran Yadav, The Himalayan Times, 24 March)

“His time terms as prime minister will be held up as evidence of success, but the reality is that he presided over the start of a civil war, the split of his party, and botched peace process that is coming apart at the seams. He split his country, his party and now even his family is bitterly divided.”

(Lucille Bolduc, newsfront, 24 March)


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