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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Three major parties react to former king’s and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai’s monarchy comments

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 March: In a rare show of unity Maoists, Nepali Congress and UML, three largest political parties of Nepal, Wednesday opposed comments of former King Gyanendra who said monarchy wasn’t yet dead and former Krishna Prasad Bhattarai’s demand for the revival of the 1990 constitution and monarchy.
Bhattarai also opposed federalism and secularism ad alien concepts unsuitable for Nepali conditions.
Chairman Prachanda, Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala and UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal issued a joint statement following a meeting of a high-level political mechanism (HLPM) chaired by Congress Acting President Sushil Koirala.
The three parties are divided on who should lead the mechanism after the death of its coordinator Girija Prasad Koirala.
Thursday is the 13th day of his death at 85 years of age.
The trio said a constitution must be promulgated by 28 May to foil conspiracy be rights and reactionaries.
They also linked the former king’s and Bhattarai’s statements to a call by former Indian main opposition leader BJP chief Rajnath Singh’s demand for a revival of a of a Hindu state in Nepal.
The parties said their ‘serious attention’ had been drawn’ to the statements ‘against change’.
Ceremonial President Dr Ram Baran Yadav said Wednesday monarchy was’ outdated medicine’ which wouldn’t be revived.
He acted at the request of 18 parties against the spirit of the janandolan 2 to retain Army Chief Gen Rukmangud Katawal in a procedurally flawed Maoist-led government decision.

TU Teaching Hospital disturbance ends

Kathmandu, 31 March: The 18- day disruption of services at the TU Teaching Hospital ended Wednesday after the government formed a five-member investigation committee headed by former education secretary Jaya Ram Giri to investigate charges of irregularities in examinations conducted for MD and M Sc.
Students and doctors alleged examinations questions were leaked.
There’s a big demand for limited seats at the premier hospital.
The university had already invalidated the processes that led to the examination.
Striking doctors and students were demanding an investigation into alleged irregularities.

Prime minister inaugurates a yoga camp in Kavre

Kathmandu, 31 March; Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Wednesday initiated a yoga camp over a 140 ropani site in Kavre where Swami Ramdeb is building a multi-million rupee yoga ashram.
The prime minister participated in yoga exercises conducted by the Indian swami who is popularizing the ancient Hindu exercise practice in Nepal.
He has drawn thousands of people at a six-day camp in the capital.
The swami was proud he had drawn extreme communists to his camp.
The facility at Kavre can accommodate 6,000 persons.
Indian hotelier Radhe Sharaf of Yak n Yeti fame and Nepali business Upendra Mohoto contributed land for the ashram.

Foreign ministry to stop issuing passports from Thursday

Kathmandu, 31 March: The foreign ministry will sop issuing hand-written passports from Thursday, the ministry announced saying machine readable passports (MRPs) will be available in another 10 weeks.
The cabinet and the foreign ministry awarded a contract to an Indian security press to print the passports without an international bidding as recommend by parliament’s public accounts committee.
The prime minister has been summoned by the committee following the disregard of its suggestion.
The contract was awarded to the Indian government company even as cheaper bids were submitted by other foreign companies.
ICAO has asked member countries to start issuing MRPs from 1 April Thursday but had suggested the deadline could be extended as many countries, including Nepal, wouldn’t meet the deadline.

Lifting of capital garbage again disrupted

Kathmandu, 31 March: The lifting of the capita’s garbage has again been disrupted.
Residents of Okharpauwa landfill site in neighbouring Dhading prevented dumping again pressing 24 demands.
Tons of garbage hasn’t been lifted from the capital for three days.
Disposal of the capital’s garbage has now become a perennial problem..

Nepal wins first I cricket tournament

Kathmandu, 31 March: Nepal Wednesday beat Hong Kong by 118 runs
in the first march of the ACC Elite Cup in Kuwait.
Chasing a target of 236 runs, Hong Kong was bowled out before it could reach a target of 237 runs.
Vice-captail Gyanendra Malla was denied a visa by Kuwait even after three attempts and couldn’t participate in the tournament.


At March 31, 2010 at 5:06 PM , Blogger D.R. Prasai said...

Dear Mr. Bhola Rana jee !
The leaders of so-called big party are all visionless and the are the agent of foreigners.They can't understand the reality of the Nepalese identity and unity. Actually,they are traitors.
Since 2006 Nepalese people tolerated the worst political practice made by corrupt and culprit leaders. The nation achieved the climaxed height of the lawlessness, theft, robbery, ransom and murders. The corruption is out of control. A corrupt tendency has been institutionalizing as a system. The Nepalese justice system has failed in practice. In every criminal case, police have still refusing to register the criminal complaints, sometimes in the face of a court order to do so. Due to the culprit's regime, the government has failed to reform laws that impede effective criminal investigations into past violations. There is no justice in Nepal, no rule of law and no government.History has proved that all the culprit Brahman leaders of this country are not loyal towards Nepal. Trefoil politics has proved that all the Brahman leaders of so-called three big parties are crazy for power. The vulnerable situation of the country, lawlessness, skyrocketing prices and deteriorating economic conditions are due to the visionless governance and we are going to be a failed Nation. Why the Brahaman: Girija and his agents, UML's Madhab Nepal, Jhalanath, Bamdev, and the Maoist's Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai and their followers are recognizing that a under secretary ranked Mr. Sood (Indian ambassador) is familiar to order and dictate all Nepalese. The present leadership in all the major parties is shady visionless and pessimistic people, which is proved and tested by the time and history of two decades. Is it Loktantra (Democracy)? Constitutionalism is the way of the nation. But, due to the bad intention of the profounder of parties, don't like to follow the norms of the constitution and existing laws. They are establishing the anarchism by such immoral activities. The culprit leaders of Nepali Congress, UML, and Maoists don't like to correct their mistakes.
Therefore, we must not take up anything that would become too burdensome to carry on. Nepal does not have any basis or foundation that could support republic. Carrying the slogan of a republic is not the solution of our country. Nepal needs a permanent institution that can shoulder the responsibility for its independence, national unity and sovereignty. The King had no role in bringing this sorry state of this country. The existing, uncertain and precarious situation can only be averted if a balance can be maintained among nationality, monarchy and parliamentary democracy. Nepal's independence, sovereignty and democracy can never be safeguarded by abolishing monarchy. Nepal needs a credible reply and response from all other nationalists of all party that they are going to abolish the monarchy for-ever.
Thank you.
Dirgha Raj Prasai

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