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Sunday, July 25, 2010

PM Nepal tells Congress it will stay neutral is third round vote; other details

Kathmandu, 25 July: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Sunday told a talks team headed by NC Acting President Sushil Koirala the ruling party will again stay neutral in the third round runoff elections to elect his successor.
Nepal told the delegation seeking support for Vice-chairman Ram Chandra Paudel UML still stands by its central committee decision not to vote in the vote.
The NC didn’t get support when a separate talks held discussions with the four-party Madesh front.
Paudel can get elected only with the support of UML and the front.
Maoists held discussions with the front after inconclusive talks with the NC.


Soaltee Hotel Ltd earns Rs 108.6 m profit

Kathmandu, 25 July: Soaltee Hotel Ltd, Nepal’s leading five-star hotel, earned a Rs 108.6 million profit after tax in the quarter ending 30 June, announcement.
The hotel increased its compared to the performance the previous year.
It earned a Rs 97.7 million profit in the previous year quarter ending 30 June 2009.
Altogether Rs 159.3 million was set aside for bonus and taxes.


“An effort by a UML group to stop Jhalanath Khanal with the help of Madesh parties by approaching Lainchaur has been exposed. Madhav Kumar Nepal has taken sweet revenge when he was forced to resign as prime minister.”

(Ananda Ram Paudel, Naya Patrika, 25 July)


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