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Sunday, April 29, 2012

UPDATE CA MEET POSTPONED UNTIL TUESDAY Kathmandu, 29 April: A scheduled meeting of the constituent assembly (CA) was again postpone until Tuesday without conducting any business. As in the past, a notice was posted on the notice board of parliament. There was no breakthrough in talks between the Big Three and Madeshbadi parties to resolve differences on articles to be incorporated in a proposed constitution. Nnnn CC MEET POSTPONED INDEFINITELY UPDATE Kathmandu, 29 April: A meeting of the main constituent committee (CC) drafting a constitution and headed by Nilambar Acharya empowered to preparing a draft a constitution was postponed indefinitely Sunday. The committee will meet only after a sub-committee on reconciling differences chaired by Maoist Chairman personally appears at the committee with suggestions, Acharya said. nnnn


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