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Saturday, June 30, 2012

PM, UPENDRA YADAV DISCUSSIONS Kathmandu, 1 July: Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai overnight held discussions with MJFN Chairman Upendra Yadav—a terai-party not in the Madesh Morcha supporting the government, Yadav is a firm critic of the UCPN-Maoist, Madesh Mourcha coalition government. The premier and the terai leader reviewed the critical political situation. Yadav quoted Bhattarai as saying the government chief was ready to quit government as demanded by the main opposition. nnnn MEDIA GOOGLE . “Raising the issue of ethnicity by neglecting the issues of development and industrialisation will push the country into dark ages.” (UML leader KP Sharma Oli, The Himalayan Times, 1 July) “Europeans are turning Nepal into a Yugoslavia through forced conversion and raising ethnicity issue.” (Former UML minister and UML leader Raghuji Pant, TV news report, 1 July) ‘Nepal needs inclusiveness not divisiveness. The proposed federal bogey initially raised by UCPN Maoist and then funded and supported by western nations is meant to divide and weaken Nepal.” (Pushna Manandhar, Republica, 1 July) nnnn CHINA ASKS NEPALTO FOCUS ON ECONOMY NOT ETHNICITY Kathmandu, 1 July; : Ai Ping, a Vice-minister at the International Department of Communist Party of China (CPC), conveyed Beijing’s message: focus on economic issues rather than ethnic ones while framing the new statue, The Himalayan Times reports,. He also stressed consensus among parties for stability, peace and prosperity in Nepal. With CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal, Ai expressed concern about the ethnic debate, prolonged transitional period and deteriorating economic situation. “Although he did not say the ethnicity issue while determining states was inappropriate, he hinted it in clear terms,” said Milan Raj Tuladhar of UML Foreign Department. He said Nepal had missed the development opportunity of its neighbours. With Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala also, Ai emphasised consensus among stakeholders to shorten the transition and find peace, stability and prosperity. “We had wanted to make this visit an opportunity to celebrate the constitution of Nepal,” Koirala quoted Ai Ping. “Now, we wish to see Nepal complete the remaining tasks of peace and statute and benefit from the economic success of its neighbours.” Koirala told the Chinese leader that NC would not share responsibility for the “disaster” (dissolution of the CA) as it was the sole decision of UCPN-M. Apart from the current political and economic situation, Ai talked about the split in ruling UCPN-Maoist party with its Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and CPN-Maoist leader Baidhya. Dahal was quoted as saying in his personal website that some leaders had separated from the party due to their “dogmatic, selfish and extremist thought”. Interestingly, Ai invited Baidhya to visit China and stressed on good relations between Communist Party of China and CPN-M, according to party secretary Dev Gurung. He also called on Deputy Prime Minister and leader of MJF-Loktantrik, Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar. Ai told mediapersons he had conveyed the urgency of consensus among parties. Nnnn PRESIDENT SAYS GOVT. DECISION TO CALL CA ELECTION A BLUNDER Kathmandu, 1 July: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav today said (Saturday) that he would have to play a role of patron of interim constitution to form the new government as the caretaker government cannot last longer, Prakash Acharya writes in The Himalayan Times.. “It is not the caretaker government like that of previous ones such as led by Madhav Kumar Nepal. Because, there was parliament when Nepal resigned and worked as caretaker prime minister. But, now, there is no parliament. So, additional responsibilities have come to me,” the President said talking to a delegation of journalists led by Tanka Panta. The President further said, “I have not used the role of the patron till the date and is waiting for consensus among the parties as per the spirit of the interim constitution. If the new government could not be formed even after a longer time as per the spirit, I will have to play the role of the patron.” Stating that the caretaker government cannot bring a complete budget without consensus among the parties, he said, “Since the fresh elections have already been announced, the government can bring the special budget only for elections and other regular expenses. If it has to bring a complete budget the government should forge consensus among the parties.” The President said that he had already told it to the Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and would tell him the same thing again. Dr Yadav said that the country was not at the stage of constitutional vacuum, “There is no constitutional vacuum because there are institutions such as President, government, other constitutional bodies and the interim constitution. But, we have constitutional crisis, which the political parties should resolve through consensus as per the spirit of the interim constitution.” “I am aware of the constitution and laws, and the government should show similar cautiousness,” he said. The President termed the government’s decision to declare fresh Constituent Assembly polls without arranging the constitutional provision as “blunder”. “The alternative as suggested by the Supreme Court should have sought from within the CA, and not from the government,” the President added. “I am looking for a solution coordinating with the political parties staying within my constitutional boundaries,” said the president talking to a journalist committee on Saturday. “There is no constitutional vacuum after the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly. The only thing is there is no constitution,” he added. “The sentiment of the constitution is to run the country in consensus,” said the president about the next budget. “I have told the prime minister that no budget could be brought without consensus.” The delegation handed over a memorandum to the President urging him to play the role of patron as per the interim constitution to end the constitutional and political crisis. Nnnn LOCALS CLASH WITH POLICE DEMANDING POLLUTION CONTROL FROM LOCAL INDUSTRIES Kathmandu, 1 July: Villagers and police clashes at Lipnimal in Baraa nar Saturday demanding Control of pollution released by industries, Ritesh Tripathi reports in Nagarik from Birgunj. Three dozen were injured in the clash, including fv policemen. Nnnn 2,500 TONS OF FERTILIZERS ARRIVING MONDAY Kathmandu, 1 July: At a time of extreme shortage, 2.500 of 12,00 tons of fertilizers imported from India arrives Monday, Nagarik reports. Fertilizers are being imported from Metals and Minerals Trading Company. The consignment was loaded in Assam for dispatch Friday. nnnn TWO SHOT IN RIVAL MAOIST CLASH Kathmandu, 1 Juky: Around a dozen Maoist cadres were injured in a clash between UCPN (Maoist) and CPN-Maoist on Saturday. Of them two UCPN (Maoist) cadres - Uttam Gurung and Surya Gurung --have been seriously injured when shots were fired in the clash, Chandni Hamal writes in Republica from Chitwan.. Pramesh Timalsina, Lal Singh Thing, Madhur Nepal, Sabita Nepali, Barsha Sapkota, Mod Raj Neupane, Narin Tamang, Ram Mani Thapaliya, Posh Kanta Chapagain, Masini Bomjan and others of the Baidya-led party, and Ram Dhwoj Dallakoti, Narayan Acharya and Shankar Mahato of UCPN (Maoist) are among the others injured in the clash. The clash ensued when both the parties insisted on organizing a program at the meeting hall of the party office in Chitwan. Deputy in-charge of UCPN (Maoist) in Chitwan Ghanashyam Dahal accused the Mohan Baidya -led party of opening fire but Chitwan police, while acknowledging that shots were fired, said it has yet to find out who opened fire in the clash. UCPN (Maoist) had announced a meeting of 32 sister wings on June 27 while the Baidya´s party had called for a meeting of trade union at the same venue a day later. The two groups had disputes since the party split. "They had planned to kill our cadres earlier," said UCPN(Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal," adding, "We won´t resort to violence like them but will take legal recourse." He also accused the Baidya group of announcing a program for Saturday with ill-intent. Dahal said the clash occurred after the UCPN-Maoist cadres tried to remove the signboards erected by CPN-Maoist cadres. However, the CPN-Maoist cadres argued that the Baidya´s party should own the party office. "Pushpa Kamal Dahal´s brother Narayan Dahal and Chitra Bahadur Shrestha used goons to chase us away. We only retaliated," stated central committee member of CPN-Maoist Anil Sharma. The scuffle continued for a long time with the Baidya group chasing and beating whoever of the establishment group was in sight. Around half-a-dozen motorcycles were also vandalized in the incident. Police have taken the party office under control following the clash, while over three dozen cadres from both the factions have been detained. New party captures establishment´s Udaypur office Meanwhile, CPN-Maoist has captured the UCPN (Maoist) office in Udayapur district, reports our correspondent Maheshwar Chamling Rai. Chiefs of 15 sister wings of the party swore allegiance to the Baidya group Saturday and claimed that the office has been taken over by the new party through consensus with the party establishment. Chairman of the All Nepal Peasants´ Federation in the district Min Prasad Pokharel said the party office was taken over by the new party in consent of in-charge of the establishment group. Office secretary before the party split, Rita, said the letter pads, donation receipts, membership forms, stamps, sign boards and other documents of UCPN (Maoist) are safe despite the takeover by the new party and would be handed over to the party establishment. The new party has also consented to pay the unpaid rent of the office. Meanwhile, CPN-Maoist said that the clash between the two sides erupted after UCPN (Maoist) cadres led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal´s younger brother Narayan Dahal and Chitra Bahadur Shrestha forcefully tried to capture the party office. A press statement issued by CPN-Maoist leader Pampha Bhusal said the cadres of Dahal´s party attacked their cadres in the office with knives, sticks and swords. The statement said that five cadres including Lal Singh Thing, Rupa Tamang, Anusha Nepali, Rythm, Biplav and Ambika Mudvari from their side were seriously injured in the attack. They are currently undergoing treatment at a Chitwan hospital. “We condemned the attack by the cadres of Prachanda [Pushpa Kamal Dahal] in our party office. And, we urge the party concerned to immediately stop such conspiracy and find the solution to the issue of property belonging to the Maoist parties through talks,” said the statement. Baidya-led Maoist party has also warned that Maoist Chairman Dahal will be responsible for consequences if such attacks are not stopped right away. nnnn


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