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Friday, August 31, 2012

BIG THREE RESUME DISCUSSIONS Kathmandu, ! Sept.: The Big Three Saturday resumed Friday’s discussions to end a prolonged political deadlock and constitutional crisis. Drect dialogue between Maoists and opposition NC and UML resumed after nearly three months after Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and called constituent assembly (CA) elections 22 November without consulting parties or the election commission. Election commission asked government to amend election-related clauses in the constitution and laws to hold the vote. Government didnlt accede to the request and fresh election date hasn’t The Big Three Friday discussed contentious issues in a constitution, including a federal structure. The top leaders of the parties have been asked to resolve differences by mid-September. Nnnn CPN MAOIST CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEET CONTINUES Kathmandu, 1 Sept. A central committee meet of CPN Maoist continued Saturday after 20 members expressed their views Friday.. The members are discussing a political report presented by Chairman Mohan Baidhaya of the new party formed after a split with ruling UCPN Maoist. The party is discussing preparations for a general convention in early February 2013. CPN Moist Friday discussed a 16-pount member code of conduct for party workers, including a ban on party workers to conduct business A code of conduct for the new party is being enforced following expensive lifestyles of UCPN Maoist leaders after they came out of the jungle to join the political mainstream. Leaders of the party of Chairman Prachanda and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai came under heavy fire for abandoning revolutionary ideals and two commissions were forme to probe assets of toppartyleaders. The body headed by Amik Serchan has submitted a report bt its contents haven’t; been made public. Chairman Prachanda himself is yet to move out of his palatial house in Lazimpat to a humbler house following criticism fir adopting a luxurious lifestyle. Nnnn ,


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