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Thursday, August 30, 2012

CPM MAOIST CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEET BEGINS Kathmandu, 30 Aug.: CPN Maoist central committee meet began Thursday. Chairman Mohan Baidhaya presented a political report for approval. Baidhaya proposed a roundtable to resolve current deadlock and a struggle if such a conference didn’t yield result. The committee is also discussing organizational matters and other issues, including holding a general convention in early February 2013.. The meeting continues Friday. Maoist Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun opposed a roundtable meeting arguing ‘royalists’ will create obstacles. UCPN Maoist of Chairman Prachanda revealed a strategy of UCPN Maoist to work for a resolution with present rulers and opposition only. nnnn CLASH IN KANCHANPUR Kathmandu, 30Aug.: Nine persons, including three policemen were injured in clashes in Daubi VDC in Kanchanpur Thursday. Clashes broke out after locals demanded land deeds. nnnn WORLD’S SHORTEST MAN AND WOMAN – A NEPALI AND INDIAN—MEET IN ITALY Kathmandu, 30 Aug.: The world’s shortest man—a Nepali—and shortest woman, an Indian, met for thee first time in Italy, Guoinness World Records said. Nepal’s Chandra Bahadur Dangi and India’s Jyoti Amge, of India, met at an event in Italy. Dangi said hewas pround of his family and country. Nnnn GOVT. COMMISSION TO FIND DISAPPEARED FORMED THROUGH ORDINANCE UNACCEPTABLE TO NHRC Kathmandu, 30 Aug.:: Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Kedar Nath Upadhyay has said the commission on search of disappeared and truth and reconciliation would be unacceptable to NHRC if it is was formed through ordinance, RSS reports from Lalitpur.. The commission must be formed by meeting international standard, he said, warning that the NHRC would not involve in it if it is formed through the ordinance. At an interaction organised by the NHRC on the occasion of the International Day of the Disappeared at its office, Lalitpur, on Thursday, Chairman Upadhyay said the NHRC had written to the Office of the Prime Minister informing him of its stand. Moreover, he belittled the trust on the government, saying the commission through ordinance could do nothing important because the government has failed to provide information about the disappeared even to the NHRC, a constitutional body. On the occasion, Secretary at Peace Ministry, Dhruba Prasad Sharma, pointed out the need of formation of the commission on search of the disappeared and truth to cater justice to the people. Only economic relief would not do justice to the victims, he argued. Human rights defender Ganesh Bishwokarma said those involved in forced disappearance should be brought to book. Chairman of the Society of the Families of Disappeared by the State, Ekram Bhandari, accused the state of becoming indifferent to the agonies of the conflict victims. Similarly, Coordinator of the National Network of the Families of Disappeared Ram Kumar Bhandari said the justice was delayed to victims because torturer became stronger while the tortured ones weaker. nnnn ECQUADOR FEARS ASSANGE WON’T GET FAIR TRIAL IN USA Kathmandu, 30 Aug.: Ecuador's president fears Julian Assange would not get a fair trial in the United States and has insisted that Britain and Sweden guarantee they will not extradite the WikiLeaks founder, AFP reports from .Quito. Assange took shelter in Ecuador's London embassy after exhausting all appeals against his extradition to Sweden for questioning on sex crime allegations, and Quito later granted him asylum, sparking a diplomatic row. Assange has said he fears Sweden intends to hand him over to the United States, where he could face prosecution over his part in the leaking of hundreds of thousands of secret battlefield reports and embassy cables. Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa said Wednesday in an interview with state-run television that if Assange were to be extradited to the United States, "there would be no guarantee of due process." "What we want is to insure a fair trial and the right to life for Mr. Assange, but there are clear and serious indications of political persecution," he said. The 41-year-old Australian former hacker has denied the sex crime allegations and accused Washington of carrying out a "witch hunt" aimed at silencing critics of its policies. The United States called WikiLeaks a national security threat following its release of thousands of war reports from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as a trove of often-embarrassing classified State Department cables. Correa said there were three ways to resolve the diplomatic impasse with London: either Britain and Sweden could guarantee that Assange won't be sent to a third country, Swedish prosecutors could question him in the Ecuadoran embassy, or British authorities could allow him to leave without arresting him. nnnn


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