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Friday, August 31, 2012

PM DISCUSSES LAREST POLITICAL SITUATION IN NEPALWITH INDIAN COUNTERPART MANMOHAN SINGH IN TEHRAN Kathmandu, 31 Aug.: Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai held a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on the sidelines of the 16th Summit of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) here late Thursday evening, Ramesh Lamsel writes for RSS from Tehran.. Matters of mutual interests were discussed during the meeting held at the summit's lobby. The meeting lasted for over an hour. The meeting also discussed about the issues relating to Nepal's latest political situation and efforts undertaken for forging political consensus, PM Dr. Bhattarai told RSS after the meeting. During the meeting, the Indian Prime Minister was requested to provide 200 megawatts of electricity to Nepal in line with the past agreement and manage transmission lines in those areas lacking the lines. In response, the Indian PM pledged to supply power to Nepal as per the past agreement. PM Bhattarai urged his Indian counterpart to support Nepal's economic development endeavors and increase investment in Nepal as well. Stating that people's living standard would not go up until and unless the nation witnesses double digit economic growth, PM Bhattarai said that the Government of Nepal was committed to achieving double digit growth and urged the Indian Government to help to that end. Similarly, the Indian PM was requested to extend cooperation for the development of hydro power sector as well. In reply, Indian PM Dr. Singh said that his government was ready to extend help to Nepal as per its wishes and vowed special support in the days ahead. Nepal is in the forefront of Indian Government's foreign support list, he said. Enquiring about the latest political developments in Nepal, Indian PM Singh expressed hope that a way out to the present political crisis in Nepal would be found on the basis of political consensus. Political parties in Nepal are themselves capable to give a way out to the nation, he said. In response, PM Bhattarai said all the political parties of Nepal are making efforts for forging consensus and are univocal to move ahead together. The meeting was highly significant and the Indian PM praised the incumbent government for the measures it has taken, said Dr Bhattarai. nnnn PM URGES WORLD PEACE, FRATERNITY IN TEHRAN UPDATE Kathmandu, 31 Aug.: Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai addressed the 16th Summit of Non Aligned Movement (NAM) today pFridy]. PM Dr Bhattarai addressed the summit conference at 11:00 am as per local time on his capacity as the founding member of the Non Aligned Movement. In his address, the PM emphasized the need of promoting world peace and fraternity. Nepal's ongoing peace and constitution drafting processes were also the agendas of the PM's speech, RSS reports from Tehran. Meanwhile, the second day of NAM Summit kicked off in Tehran on Friday morning under the leadership of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The second day session of the summit began at the International Convention Center here at 10:00 am local time. Various leaders and presidents of the NAM member countries are due to address on the second day of the summit, said the NAM Secretariat. The United States and Israel are among the nations fearful that the
summit drawing a reported 50 or more heads of state and government
will give Tehran a boost in legitimacy and rally disgruntled states to
its defense of its nuclear programs. The Islamic Republic's three-year tenure as head of the NAM is a
chance for Tehran to elevate its international standing as the United
States seeks to cripple its economy and isolate it diplomatically over
its disputed nuclear program. nnnn


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