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Friday, November 30, 2012

NC GETS CONDITIONAL SUPPORT OF MJFN Kathmandu, 30 Nov.: NC President Sushil Koirala began consultations Friday and received conditional support of MJFN to form a consensus government. Chairman Upendra Yadav extended the conditional support to NC at his meeting with Koirala Yadav asked for a Madesh friendly attitude from the NC. NC began consultations after President Dr.. Ram Baranm Yadav Thursday extended by another one week to form a consensus government., CHINESE AMBASSADOR HOPES NEPAL WILL RESOLVE CURRENT CRISIS Kathmandu, 30 Nov.: Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Yang Houlan Friday hoped Nepal will resolve its current crisis. “China’s sentiments over its southern neighbour deepen because of its own experience of 1970 and we will help Nepali citizens resolve the present political impasse”, said Yang told reporters Friday. Yang revelaed he regularly consults his Indian colleague Jayant Prasad on Nepal matters. nnnn JUMLA’S FIRST SNOWFALL THIS WINTER Kathmandu, 30 Nov.: Normal life in Jumla district has been hard hit due to snowfall, which suddenly occurred on Thursday night, RSS reports. Hills have been covered with snow due to snowfall and minimum temperature of the district has come down to minus 10 degrees Celsius, according to Climate Field Office, Jumla. Mostly, the upper part settlements of Jumla, Dolpa and Mugu districts have been affected due to the snowfall. Computers, fax-machines and vehicles are non operational after diesel started to be frozen due to cold. According to the District Education Office, the snowfall has also affected the examinations started at government and community schools from November 29.However, the climate in the district is normal from 8:00 am today. Nnnn STUDENTS IN FAR-WEST DISSATISFIED Kathmandu, 30 Nov: The Far-Western University run in government grant has decided to admit the students in a limited numbers only. Majority of the students in the region are to be deprived of getting higher education in the university, RSS reports from Kanchanpur.. Five students' organizations close to various political parties have expressed their concern that the University tried to privatize the University by fixing quotas for various faculties and levels. The student organizations have expressed their dissatisfaction three days prior to the entrance examinations from which the entrance examinations are to be affected. "We had struggled to establish the University for the last 10 years but it has deprived the students from taking higher education by fixing the quotas in different levels and faculties, said Gyanendra Bhatta, local leader of ANNFSU. The University has fixed 200 students for humanities, 250 for education and 50 for Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). According to Administrative Officer of the University, Santosh Bista, students have filled up the forms for all faculties except for the Computer Science. The university has fixed the annual fee at Rs. 22,000 for the BBA and around 150 students have filled forms for the subject. nnnn


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