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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SECOND PHASE OF ANTI-GOVT OPPOSITION PROTESTS Kathmandu, 29 Jan.: NC ,UML and several other opposition parties launched anti government and Maoist protests in all districts coinciding with martyrs memorial day. The opposition says the protest is the second phase of anti-government protests. In the capital, protests will begin from Martyrs Memorial Gate. Protests are aimed to pull down the government in the absence of parliament ven as Chairman Prachanda claimed Monday Maoists will continue in office for 10 more years. Maoists have been in power for thee second time more 16 months with support of five Madeshbadi parties giving in to regional demands to continue in government. The last several months has been wasted just in a power struggle as even President after nine failed efforts failed to assemble a consensus government finally giving up. . RSS reports from Myagdhi: NC: Vice President of Nepali Congress (NC), Ramchandra Paudel, said that the CA election could be ensured only under NC-led government. Talking at a press meeting organised by Nepal Press Union, Myagdi chapter, here today, Vice President Paudel claimed the election held under NC leadership in the past have been justified to be fair, adding that, the next Constituent Assembly election should also be held under NC leadership. The political parties failed to forge consensus as the Unified CPN-Maoist and some Madhes based political parties did not want election by fearing that result of the CA election would come against them, said NC leader Paudel. It has been justified that the UCPN-Maoist did not want the election for the Chairman of the party publicly delivered his speech for continuing the current government for more 10 years, he added. The opposition parties would organise stern protest for institutionalising democracy in the country as the current government encouraged anarchism and totalitarianism at a time when the constitutional bodies were vacating and President became more flexible. "The political parties in the government alliance have been stiffer when President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav becomes flexible," said Paudel. The CA election under this government's leadership was not possible and that there is no alternative to stern protest for the fresh election," added NC Vice President Paudel. nnnn


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