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Thursday, February 28, 2013

PM WIFE HISHILA ACCUSED OF INTERFERENCE IN OFFICIAL WORK Kathmandu, 1 March: Keshab Staphit has come publicly against Hishila Yami, the wife of Prime Minister Baburam Bhattaai, for operating out on a cell in Baluwatar the official residence of the government chief and even SIngha Durbar. He accused her of running a cell and interfering in his work as Kathmandu Valley Development Authority. ”Deep differences developed with Hishila Yami the wife of the prime minister,” Staphit revealed and finally was sacked 14 months after the government’s appointment. “Hishila and her private secretary pressurized me unnecessarily.” Staphit gave other details of Hishila style of functioning and how she operated through the Office of the Prime Minster operates. “…. I was pressurized from some place in the office. I was pressurized unnecessarily into making appointments. It’s the prime minister who should be giving directions. Because of the differences, it became difficult for me to work.” Staphit added. ”I was personalized for personal work. This is not the work of the office of the prime minister.” He revealed pressures came from a’ room in at the PM;s office”. …. “There’s no people’s participation right now,” he said to the current expansion of roads and demolition of houses in the city ‘Government is on a demolition drive without consultation. Government is not going to houses and talking with people.” Staphit has been reinstated by the supreme court which overturned his dismissal by the Baburam Bhattarai government which appointed the former UML Mayor of Kathmandu. nnnn


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