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Monday, February 25, 2013

SHARE PRICES RECOVER Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Nepse closed Monday at 544.24points after gaining 5.73 points amid reports of likely formation of an election government led by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi. Altogether 258,555 shares were traded for Rs.86.046 million in 898 transactions. Shares of commercial banks and hydro power companies recovered. nnnn BIR HOSPITAL ROLLS BACK INCREASE IN CHARGES Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Bir Hospital Sunday rolled back a decision to increase service charge at the county’s hospital. The move was taken by the Executive Council of the National Academy of Medical Sciences,. Fees were increased after government slashed dole. Nnnn FORMER KING, QUEEN FLYING FOR BANGKOK WEDNESDAY Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Former King Gyanendra and Queen Komal fly for Bangkok Wednesday, Naya Patrika reports. Their only son former Crown Prince Paras is undergoing treatment at a hospital in the Thai capital following a heart attack Tuesday night. The former royal couple is going to Bangkok after the former king performs annual death rituals for his father King Mahendra Tuesday. nnnn . CONSPIRACIES ON TO FOIL JUNE VOTE CLAIMS PM Kathmandu, 25 Feb.: Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai Sunday said that different elements were playing a role to thwart the new Constituent Assembly (CA) election in June, The Rising Nepal reports.. Posting status on his Twitter platform Sunday, Prime Minister Dr. Bhattarai said that different forces were delaying the consensus process. “Some people are trying to postpone elections to November. Beware, let's all join hands to hold elections by mid-June,” he said. The PM said he wanted to hold the CA election by June at any cost and different sectors were trying to delay the consensus process. He appealed for full support of all sectors to hold the new CA election in June. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Dr. Bhattarai also directed the stakeholders to rescue the two pregnant women, who were facing trouble in their delivery in Mugu district. According to PM's aide Bishwodip Pande, the PM directed the officials to ensure better health services to the two women, Tchiring Lama (40) and Usha Khadka (21). Nnnn MINISTER ASKS OLD DOCUMENTS BE SENT TO ARCHIEVES . Kathmandu, 25 Feb.:: Though the government has enacted a law requiring all government offices to collect and send older documents, different government offices and ministries are yet to dispatch important documents that are more than twenty five years old to the National Archives (NA), The Rising Nepal reports. The NA is established for the purpose of keeping the nation's important documents safely for the future use. Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Posta Bahadur Bogati said that owing to a lack of awareness and promotion, the NA failed to collect some missing historical documents. Speaking at the four day workshop oganised by National Archive, Bogati said that the NA needed to aware the public and government offices about the importance of keeping documents in a systematic way. He suggested the NA should work coordinating with other government offices for providing awareness about the importance of keeping documents at the archive for their future use. Highlighting the importance of documents, Ranjan Krishna Aryal, officiating secretary of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, said that some of the historical documents were still missing and some documents were destroyed in fire that gutted the Singha Durbar in 1970s. Bhesh Narayan Dahal, Director General of the Department of Archeology (DoA) said that twenty five or more than twenty five years old documents of agreements, treaty, rules and laws and other nation importance documents are important for study and research purposes. The historical documents are the guidelines for the new generation, he said. Defying the act, different ministries, offices have not collected and sent the important documents to the NA. The documents containing the cabinet decisions, parliament, legislature decisions and others are of national importance but these documents have yet to be sent to NA, said Prakash Darnal, Chief of National Archives. According to 2046 B.S. Record Preservation Act, all documents that are 25 years old should be sent to the NA, the center of several historical and important manuscripts. It is waiting for archiving them in a systematic record. Many historical photos and the important Nepal-India treaty in 1950 is at the Narayanhiti Palace Museum but the museum administration has not yet sent such historical documents to the NA, he said. There are 1, 81,000 manuscripts, thousands of hand written manuscripts, micro films of manuscripts from Lichhivian era have been kept in a systematic way at the NA office, he said. With the view of providing awareness among the public and government officials about the importance of older documents, the NA organized the four day workshop from Sunday. A total of 31 officials from different government offices have been participating at the workshop, he informed. nnnn


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