Nepal Today

Sunday, March 17, 2013

CHANGE ADVERSELY IMPACTS SHARE MARKET Kathmandu, 17 March: Last week’s political change with appoint of Khil Raj Regmi as government chief to hold elections and draft a constitution brought down share prices Sunday on the first day on five-day weekly trading. Investors in hydro power, commercial banks and insurance shares were the biggest losers. Nepse closed at 535.21 points after prices fell 13.19 points. Altogether 197,086 share were traded for Rs.67.489 million in 934 transactions. Nnnn RPP-NEPAL STARTS SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN Kathmandu, 17 March: RPP Nepal Sunday started a signature campaign demanding a Hindu state as it continues to support constitutional monarchy. The party held a public meeting at Basantapur square amid support for the appointment of the government of Khil Raj Regmi. RPP-Nepal supports elections. nnnn


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