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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NO POLITICAL BREAKHROUGH IN POLITICAL TALKS UPDATE Kathmandu, 13 March: There was no breakthrough in marathon talks until seven in the evening as three main parties and five Madeshbadi parties in government attempted to negotiate a package to form a government led by Chief Justice KHil Raj Regmi. Dialogue has lasted for more than 11 hours. The talks began at eight in the morning. MORE SHARE PRICES REGISTER GAIN IN HEAVY TRADING Kathmandu, 13 March: Expecting political breakthrough, stock prices gained in the market Wednesday. Nepse gained 6.5 percent and closed at 546.14 points Wednesday. Altogether 1,107,280 shares were traded for Rs.237.002 million in 1876 Transactions. Insurance, hydro power and commercial bank shares gained. nnnn.


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