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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

UML STANDING COMMITTEE MEET CONTINUES Kathmandu, 21 March: UML standing committee continues it meeting for the second consecutive day Thursday to set dates for politburo and central committee meetings as government prepares to announce dates for second constituent assembly proposed for June. The party is also discussing filling vacancies in party positions after some top leaders quit to launch another party. nnnn. CITY RECORDS DRIZZLE Kathmandu, 21 March: Some parts of the city recorded a slight drizzle Thursday morning. Days have been cloudy since Wednesday. Nnnn STUDENTS CONTINUE PROTESTS Kathmandu, 21 March: Eleven student organizations continued their anti-government and anti-TU protests Thursday. They held up traffic in front of campuses for nearly two hiurs. Students are demanding elections for free unions and a ollback on hiked public transport fares. Nnnn


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