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Saturday, March 23, 2013

UPDATE MMC DEFEATS MACHINDRA 3-0 Kathmandu, 23 March: MMC defeated Machindra 3-0 in the martyrs memorial A division 9 super league Saturday. MORE BODY FOR DISASTER MANAGEMENT BEING FORMED Kathmandu, 23 March:: The government is mulling over to constitute a separate unit of security forces to deal with the incidents of disaster management in the country, RSS reports.. Separate units consisting up to 60 security personnel from both the Nepal Army and Armed Police Force would be constituted while 10 other units of Nepal Police would be formed including 10 to 15 police personnel in each group. Such units would be stationed in a fixed place for four years and would be deployed only in disaster management. The teams would be well equipped and trained. Speaking at a programme 'Disaster Management and Media' organised by Eco Nepal and OXFAM Nepal in the capital today, Chief Secretary of Government Leela Mani Poudyal said the government has kept the issues of disaster management in its top list. He said the government was preparing to bring a directive so that the VDCs and DDCS would compulsorily act works by allocating budget for disaster management. Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs Laxmi Prasad Dhakal said the Ministry has established a center for working disaster management and natural disaster rescue committees have been formed in over two dozen districts too. According to Dhakal, nearly 1,000 people, including over 80 only from lightning strikes, die of natural disasters in Nepal. Nnnn FOOD CRISISS HITS CHEPANGS Kathmandu, 23 March:: The Chepang communities of different hilly VDCs in Chitwan have been suffering food crisis these days, RSS reports. Most of the Chepangs living in the VDCs including Siddhi, Korak, Kaule, Shanktikhor are in dire need of food stuffs because of the longtime drought that resulted in insufficient agricultural products. Chairman of Chepang Association at Kaule, Padma Chepang said the Chepang people from Ward No. 1, 2 and 3 of Kaule VDC, all wards of Siddhika VDC, and Ward No. 1, 2 and 3 of Shaktikhor VDC were in urgent need of food. Due to the food crisis, they are forced to seek tubers and yams in the community forest nearby, said Sabina Chepang of Ratauli. The yearlong agricultural products is so meager that it hardly suffices for three months to the Chepang people. As a result, they are bound to work as labours to the bigwigs, added Dabilal Chepang of Shaktikhor. This year witnessed little rainfall resulting in little production. There are some 26,000 Chepangs in the hilly areas of Chitwan.The Chepangs are the indigenous people living especially in Chitwan and Gorkha districts of Nepal. nnnn


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