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Sunday, April 28, 2013

PRACHANDA CONTNUING DISCUSSIONS IN NEW DELHI MONDAY Kathmandu, 29 April: Maoist Chairman Prachanda holds discussions wth National Security Advisor Shib Shanker Menon in New Delhi Monday on the third day of a four-day India visit. He held a dinner meeting Sunday with main opposition Chairman Rajnath Singh and told him anti-Indian elements were no longer in the party obviously referring to CPN Maoist who quit UCPN Maoist. Maoist chief has also held discussions with Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai, DP Tripathi, General Secretary of ruling Nationalist Congress of Sonia Gandhi, BJP’s Sushma Awarajand Chairman of Nepal Democracy Solidarity committee and Janata Dal Chairman Sharad Yadav. Prachanda will hold discussions with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid Tuesday before returning home. Maoist Chairman went to India after a China visit. Indian leaders said Prachanda is the first among party leaders to be invited for discussions before constituent assembly elections later in 2013. Nnnn DEMANDS BEING MADE MONDY AT INDIAN EMBASY TO CLOSE DOWN INDIAN ‘CONSULATE GENERAL’S OFFICE IN BIRATNAGAR Kathmandu, 29 April: CPN Maoist, a splinter group of UCPN Moist, is delivering a protest at the Indian embassy Monday to protest the continued operation of an Indian consulate general office’ in Biratnagar. Demands have been made publicly and by government for its closure. Government has first given permission to open an office temporarily for distribution of relief to Koshi river floods. A group of 33 political parties decided to deliver he protest. nnnn


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