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Thursday, April 11, 2013

SHARE MARKET UPDATE Kathmandu, 11 April; On the lat day of trading in 2069, Nepse closed at 523.41 points after gaining 4.16 points Thursday. Altogether 348,085 shares were traded for Rs.97.864 million in1272 transactions. nnnn. ELECTION CHIEF UPRETY CALLS FOR ELECTION ENVIRONMENT Kathmandu, 11 April: Chief Election Commissioner, Nilkantha Upreti, has said the Election Commission (EC) has been carrying out the tasks for the necessary preparation for the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) elections in a speedy manner. He said, "The EC has been carrying out the tasks regarding the election and that I would like to call on the parties concerned to forge environment for election." Releasing a book 'Nepalma Nagarikta Praptiko awastha' (Estimated Condition of Citizenship Certificate Possession in Nepal) published by Women Law and Development Forum here today, he said the Ministry of Home Affairs and the EC are distributing the citizenship certificates and collecting the voter's list with photographs from mid-April. The government has to be alert that none of the eligible candidates be forbidden from getting citizenship certificate and registering their name in voters' list with photograph. Chief Election Commissioner Upreti urged the youths of 16-25 age group to pay special attention to register names in the voters' list with photograph as it was the basis for distributing the national identity card. The book describes about the situation of citizenship certificate distribution and problems. According to the book, still 4.3 million people are deprived of getting the citizenship certificate. During the programme, Senior Advocate of the Forum, Mira Dhungana and Sabin Shrestha pointed out that still there have been problems on citizenship certificate distribution. Nnnn DETAILS OF GULMI FIRE COTTON FACTORY ON FIRE Kathmandu, 11 April: A massive fire has broken out at a forest in Resunga, the famous pilgrimage and tourist site in Gulmi district, RSS reports from Khurkot. The fire that started since Wednesday evening has not been brought under control until the morning today, although a team of soldiers from the Guru Gorakh Company of the Nepal Army and volunteers from different local organizations have been doing their best to put it out. Efforts at bringing the fire under control have been hampered by windy condition and the steep topography of the area, it is stated. The Resunga forest is considered rich in biodiversity and there are many religious shrines around the place. RSS ADDS FROM NUWAKOT;: Raw materials worth 3.2 million rupees were destroyed by fire at the Bhairavi Cotton Factory at Trishuli in Nuwakot district. Processed cotton, raw materials for preparing the cotton, textiles and other equipments were reduced to ashes by the fire that started at 11 p.m. from the A Block of the factory on Wednesday. The fire was brought under control only at 5 a.m. today. Police said the fire destroyed 56 quintals of processed cotton and 700 quintals of textiles at the factory which was established this year only. How the fire started from the block which does not have electricity connectivity is not known. The personnel of Nepal Army and the Nepal Police and the locals fought the fire with the help of a fire engine belonging to the Bidur Municipality. nnnn GOLD GAINS RS.600 PER TOLA Kathmandu, 11 April Price of gold fell Rs.600 per tola Thursday compared to the previous day. The yellow metal traded in the bullion market for Rs,55,800 per tola. Nnnn THREE BRONZES IN USA IN KARATE FOR NEPAL Kathmandu, 11 April: : A Nepali Karate team has won three bronze medals in US Open and Junior International Cup Karate Competition held at Las Vegas of USA, RSS reports.. Chairman of the Nepal Karate Federation, Dawa Gurung, said that the competition was held from March 28-31 where Janak Singh Khadka won the bronze medal in 65-kg weight group. Similarly, Shanta Thokar won the medal in Advanced Master Category of Single Kata in 35-45 years age group and Samir Thokar won the medal in 75 kg weight group. Devendra Amatya, Mahendra Bahadur Singh, Saroj Bhattarai and Ratna Shahi, living in America, were judges in the competition. nnnn


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