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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TWO KILLED, 20 INJURED IN DANDELDHURA BUS ACCIDENT Kathmandu, 24 April: Two persons were killed and 20 others were injured overnight in a passenger bus accident in Dandeldhura in the far-West.. The bus was heading for Accham. nnnn Rs.32.49 BILLIONIN REVENUE COLLECTED IN NINE MONTHS Kathmandu, Apr. 24:The government was able to mobilise Rs. 32.49 billion in revenue in the first ninth month of the current fiscal year 2069/70m The Rising Nepal reports.. Out of the total revenue, Rs. 29.85 billion tax revenue and Rs. 2.63 billion non-tax revenue was mobilized in Chaitra (mid-March to mid-April), a press statement issued by the Ministry of Finance Tuesday said. The government had collected Rs. 17.20 billion in Chaitra last year. The present amount was about 22.30 per cent higher compared to last year. The government had targeted to collect Rs. 31.56 billion in revenue increasing 18.5 per cent from the actual revenue of the previous year. Out of the total revenue, the VAT revenue was Rs. 7.14 billion, custom revenue Rs. 5.18 billion, excise duty Rs. 3.11 billion, income tax Rs. 11.53 billion and registration fee Rs. 891 million. Last year, the VAT revenue was Rs. 6.69 billion, custom revenue was Rs. 3.87 billion, excise duty Rs. 2.45 billion, income tax Rs. 9.06 billion and registration fee Rs. 663.3 million. Revenue title Last year (up to 9 month) This year (up to 9 month) Increase (%) Custom duty Rs. 29.98 billion Rs. 41.64 billion 38.89 VAT Rs. 52.43 billion Rs. 60.63 billion 15.65 Income tax Rs. 36.80 billion Rs. 48.26 billion 31.12 Registration fee/vehicle tax Rs. 5.71 billion Rs. 7.13 billion 12.47 Excise duty Rs. 21.73 billion Rs. 26.19 billion 20.53 EST Rs. 169 million Rs. 242 million 43.2 Non-tax Rs. 25.25 billion Rs. 26.35 billion 4.36 Total Rs. 172.09 billion Rs. 210.46 billion 22.30 According to the Ministry, the improvement in custom valuation system was attributed to the encouraging mobilization of revenue this year. Similarly, the campaigns against tax evasion, attempts to check revenue leakages, increase in import among others had triggered the growth in revenue mobilization this year. nnnn NO ELECTORAL ALLIANCE WITH UML SAYS SUSHIL KOIRALA Kathmandu, 24 April: President of Nepali Congress Sushil Koirala has ruled out the possibility of making electoral alliance with the CPN-UML in the upcoming CA polls, The ising Nepal reports from Banke.. “It is not possible to make poll alliance with any party including the UML in all the constituencies,” Koirala said at a press meet held by the Banke chapter of Press Union on Tuesday. However, the NC chief said that an alliance may be forged with the UML at selected constituencies. Koirala claimed that it is certain that elections will be held in mid-November. Koirala, who also heads the High Level Political Committee (HLPC), urged concerned political parties not to stage any anti-poll activities. Talks are going on with different political parties that are protesting against the election process, Koirala said and expressed his confidence that they will participate in the polls. Every political party should take part in the election because without elections, the nation will head to disasters, he said. Instead of dissolving the HLPC, it should be expanded, Koirala said. Efforts are being made to bring the UCPN-Maoist and the Madheshi Janadhikar Forum into the election process, the NC chief said. Regarding HLPC’s nod to Lok Man Singh Karki to head the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Koirala said that he agreed with UCPN-Maoist proposal for the sake of consensus. RSS adds from Gulmi: Central Member of the CPN-UML, Gokarna Bista, has said that the election to the Constituent Assembly (CA) would be held in the country only under the leadership of CPN-UMLm RSS reports from Gulmi.. Claiming that the CPN-UML is the only party believing in peace and democracy, Bista said that peace will be established, constitution will be promulgated and election will be held in the country only under the leadership of the CPN-UML. He said the constitution was not promulgated yet due to the party, which has no belief in peace and democracy practice. Bista, during the visit with cadres at Chhapahile in Gulmi district, said that there was no possibility of peace, constitution and election without leadership of his party. On the occasion, he expressed the commitment that he would not return to village if he could not fulfill any one demand out of the five demands of the VDC. The villagers have demanded completion of Birmane Drinking Water Project and Hile-Birmane road, and construction of additional four rooms at Chhapahile Secondary School, among others. nnnn


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