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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CIAA TWO HOUR GHERAOE Kathmandu, 14 May: Thirty-three parties and bodies gheraoed CIAA headquarters for two hours from nine in the morning.tuesday. The [arties are protesting appointment of Lokman Singh Karki as the investigating body’s chief. Nnnn NEFIN CALLS FOR ASSEMBLY RESTORATION FOR THREE MONTHS Kathmandu, 14 May: NEFIN in a 30-point Sauhara declaration demanded restoration of Parliament/ constituent assembly for three months. The three-day national meet concluded Monday night electing a new l leadership. Assembly elections need not be held with its restoration, the body argued. The time should be utilized to institutionalize republic and secular State divided on a federal structure with identity. nnnn. GOLD PRICE SLIPS RS. 100 PET YOLA Kathmandu, 14 May: Gold price increased Rs. 100 per tola Tuesday compared to the previous day. The precious metal was traDED FOR rS. 51,700 per tola. nnnn


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