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Thursday, May 30, 2013

FAIRFIELD BY MARRIOT IN THAMEL BY 2016 Kathmandu, 31 May: Fairfield by Marriot will begin service from Thamel from 2016. A management agreement was signed between Nepal Hospitality Group of MS Group and a subsidiary of Marriott International to operate the hotel with 100 rooms. Marriot International inc. is a US-based lodging company with more than 3,800 properties in 74 countries and territories. Nnnn DELAY IN HEARING REGMI CASE AT SUPREME COURT Kathmandu, 31 May:: Lawyers today [Thursday] accused the Supreme Court administration of delaying the hearing on a writ petition that has challenged the presidential order, which paved the way for the appointment of Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi chairman of the interim election government, The Himalayan Times reports.H. The charge came after a division bench of ad hoc judges Prakash Osti and Gyanendra Bahadur Karki shelved hearing on the writ that was scheduled for today. “This is nothing but the court administration’s delaying tactic,” advocate Om Prakash Aryal, who had moved the court together with advocate Chandra Kanta Gyawali, said. Aryal said the full-court meeting’s decision to condole former justice Kedar Nath Acharya, who died yesterday, came in the way of the hearing. The court remained open today, but no hearing took place. Aryal said petitioners have demanded that a special bench of more than three justices test the constitutionality of their case, as it has raised serious constitutional questions. “Since the presidential order, which made way for the appointment of ad hoc judges, has directly benefited the latter, a bench comprising permanent judges must handle the case,” another petitioner Gyawali said. According to Gyawali, postponement of the hearing shows the apex court administration has been playing games to delay verdict on the case. He argued that the court administration has delayed all cases pertaining to the appointment of Regmi as chairman of the Council of Ministers. In a March 18 stay order, the apex court had directed that Regmi not be identified as Chief Justice till he retains the post of chairman of the interim council of ministers. Immediately after Regmi’s appointment as chief of the interim government, Gyawali and Aryal had moved the apex court seeking a stay order to bar him as CJ and scrap the presidential order issued to remove hurdles in the implementation of the Interim Constitution. Section 15 of the presidential order had allowed CJ Regmi to work as chairman of the Election Council of Ministers and to reassume the judicial position after Constituent Assembly elections. However, Sheekanta Paudel, SC spokesperson, termed the lawyers’ charges against the court ‘baseless’. “The apex court administration does not play games in any case,” he said, adding, “The demand of lawyers to not schedule their case to ad hoc judges is also illogical because all judges are equal while deciding cases.” Nnnn INTERROGATION OF NOTORIOUS INDIAN MOST WANTED DUBEY BEGINSL BEING HELD UNDER PUBLIC OFFEICE ACT; SPECULATION HE MAY BE HANDED OVER TO INDIA Kathmandu, 31 May:: Police have started recording the statement from most wanted Indian gangster Bablu Dubey on Thursday, Raaaaam Dahal writes in The Himalayan Times from Birgunj.. sources confirmed that police are interrogating him about his allies after he has been kept in detention at the District Police Office (DPO), Bara since yesterday evening. SSP Sarbendra Khanal of DPO, Bara informed that they are investigating any connection of Dubey in any reported criminal activities in Nepal. Sources confirmed that police, now, are preparing to jail Dubey lodging public offence cases against him. The high-profile Indian criminal was arrested from Sitapaila, capital on Wednesday on a multiple murder charge. Dubey, a resident of Kalyanpur in Motihari of Bihar, India, is reportedly connected with more than 30 counts of homicide and running extortion racket in India. A police team of Bihar, Motihari led by DSP Binaya Kumar is also in Birgunj since this morning for the statement of Dubey. nnnn