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Friday, May 24, 2013

HIGH-LEVEL COMMITTEE, CHAIRMAN REGMI MEET SUNDAY Kathmandu, 25 May: A high-level political committee of the Big Three and Madesh Morcha holds discussions with Chairman of the Interim Election Chairman KHil Regmi Sunday to discuss issued related to proposed second cstitunt assembly elections. The body will assemble again the same day to assess the result of the meeting. A decision of the body took a decision following a meeting Friday. The Regmi/ party meeting has been called after NC President Sushil Koirala demanded the incumbent government chief resignation as chief hustice.. Critics said the appoint of Chief Justice is against the basic democratic principle of the separation of power. . Official date for constituent assembly elections haven’t also been announced amid differences between parties on a threshold of one percent to limit number of parties contesting elections. NC and UML also oppose Maoist and Madeshi party demand persons with criminal record should be allowed to contest elections. nnnn GOBINDA PRASAD MAINALI COMPENSATED $669,324 FOR WRONGFUL IMPRISONMENT Kathmandu, 25 May: Tokyo District Court Thursday ordered Japanese government to pay 68 million yen (approximately $ 669,324) in compensation to Nepali national Govinda Prasad Mainali, 45, for wrongful detention for 15 years on rape and murder charges. Mainali always denied charge he raped and killed Yasuko Watanabe, 39,—a government employee and a prostitute at night. The Nepali was freed last year and returned home immediately after gaining his freedom following a long legal battle with help of friends and supporters. mount what for wrongful detention Mainali claimed compensation in December. According to Japanese media reports, Japan’s Criminal Compensation Law allows those who were wrongly imprisoned to seek government compensation at a rate of 1,000 yen to 12,500 yen ($12 to $145) per day. Mainali was convicted in 1997 and was acquitted by the Tokyo High Court on June 7, 2012, following a retrial. The Nepali migrated to Japan and worked in a restaurant and was first arrested in 2000 on charges of overstaying. A DNA test, first denied by Japanese prosecutors, showed that Mainali’s semen did not match samples collected from the dead woman’s body. Mainali arrived in Nepal nearly one year ago 16 June 2012 after regaining his freedom after a long legal battle recorded in a diary published and released only a day before the compensation award Former Ambassador to Japan Kedar Bhakta Mathema. released the diary. nnnn PRATEEK PRADHAN APPOINTED EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF NAGARIK Kathmandu, 25 May: Prateek Pradhan has een appointed editor0in-chief of Nagarik daily newspaper. Pradhar, a former editor of The Kathmandu Post, succeeds Kishore Nepal. nnnn CAPITAL’S SATURDAY MORNING TEMPERATURE 22 DEGREES CELSIUS Kathmandu, 25 May: Capital’s morning temperature Saturday at seven was 22 degrees Celsius. Mercury in a rainy afternoon is expected to rise to 30 degrees Celsius. nnnn


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