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Friday, May 31, 2013

NEPAL, INDIA HOME SECRETARY TALKS SATURDAY Kathmandu, 1 June; Home secretary-level talks begin in the Nepalese capital Saturday to discuss a host of issues, including security. Officials of the two South Asian states meet after last round of scheduled discussions were suddenly postponed at the request of India, The 18-member Nepalese tam is led by Nabin Kumar Ghimere while the Indian side is led by R K Sigh who arrives Saturday from the Indian capital. The senior officials of the two neighbouring of central Asia will also discuss exchange of information, cross-border crimes, curbing smuggling to counterfeit Indian currency notes across the open 1,700km open border. nnnn TWO YARSHAGUMBA PICKERS DIE OF ALTITUDE SICKNESS IN DOLPO Kathmandu, 1 June: Two persons on a hunt for Himalayan viagra died on altitude sickness in Dolpo in the far-West. They died while being rushed district headquarters Dunai for medical treatment. Villages in the far-West are deserted as residents trek uphill to collect the herb that fetches huge price in the international market. Collectors risk their lives to pick the caterpillar that feeds on special mushrooms ffrom Himalayan slopes. Nnnn CAPITAL SATURDAY MORNING TEMPERATURE 10 DEGREES CELSIUS Kathmandu, 1 June: Saturday morning’s temperature at seven was 19 degrees Celsius in the capital.. Mercury is expected to rise to 24 degrees Celsius in the afternoon on a rainy day. nnnn


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