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Monday, May 27, 2013

PRACHANDA SAYS ASSEMBLY ELECTION BEING ANNOUNCED WEDNESDAY Kathmandu, 28 May: Maoist Chairman Prachanda said Tuesday morning official date for constituent assembly elections will be announced Wednesday. The Maoist chief said this after a meeting with Chairman of Interim Interim Election Khil Raj Regmi when agreement was agreed on voting date. He said a meeting of the high-level political body .of the Big Three and Madeshbadi morcha that couldn’t eet Tuesday is now assembling Wednesday. nnnn UML ASSIGNING RESPONSIBITIES TO NEW CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS . Kathmandu, 28 May: UML standing committee is meeting Tuesday to new central committee members. The top policy making body is meeting to assign responsibilities to new Central committee members, including former constituent assembly chairman Subash Nemwang. New members were nominated to fill in vacancies after defections following a party split over forming a federal structure with ethnic identity opposed by the party. Vice-chairman Ashok Rai was a senior leade who quit and launched a new party over differences. Nnnn 33 PARTIES TO HOLD PROTESTS TUESDAY Kathmandu, 28 May: Thirty-three parties, including CPN Maoist, are holding are anti-government public awareness campaign in the capital Tuesday. They are pressingsix demands, including easy distribution of citizenship to foreigners to hold assembly elections. Senior leaders are addressing a meeting in the capital. Next phase of the Mechi-Mahakali protest programme is also being announced Tuesday. Nnnn


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