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Monday, May 6, 2013

SANGHAIYA LUMBUWAN PARISHAD CLOSES DOWN EASTERN REGION Kathmandu, 7 May: Sanghaiya Limbuwan Parishad Tuesday closed down nine eastern districts east of Arun River for the fourth consecutive day. They are demanding a stop by election commission to update of voters’ list for election and release of workers last week while opposing the campaign essential to conduct a vote. The andh has disrupted life in the region. nnnn STUDENTS STAGE MORNING SIT-IN FRONT OF CAMPUSUS TO STOP KARKI APPOINTMENT Kathmandu, 7 May: Students representing 13 unions affiliated with political parties Tuesday staged a sit-in in front of government campuses in the capital protesting a constitutional council recommendation to appoint Lokman Singh Karki chairman of CIAA. Karki was chief secretary during the royal regime seven years ago and has been charged but never convicted for abuses during the period. Students plan to meet ceremonial President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav later in the days to ask him not to execute the council decision The ceremonial president has been unprecedented powers during the political statemate over delay in holding second constitutional assembly elections. He was even given authority to amend the interim constitution through removing nearly two dozen obstacles with the prime minister when the right to amend a basic law rests with parliament which has been dissolved. Then Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai dissolved the parliament/a/assembly to conduct assembly polls which he couldn’t in May triggering a political crisis. Besides students, civil servants and ‘civil society’ jave also opposed Karki’s nomination. .nnnn NAC SUSPENDS LUCRATIVE FLIGHTS TO HONG KONG Kathmandu, 7 May: Flag-carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has suspended flights for six months on the lucrative Kathmandu- Hong Kong sector for six moths. Nepal’s state airline couldn’t install a RNP-One computer system in its two Boeings to operate flights to the island, Nagarik reports. The computer system helps in operating flights. The airline earlier suspended its operations to New Delhi and Dubar for austerity reasons. nnnn . AFC PRESIDENTS’S CUP GROUP A QUALIFIER MATCHES TAKEOFF TUESDAY Kathmandu, 7 Nay: League champion Three Star Club plays Ambhandi Limited of Bangladesh Tuesday at Dashrath Rangashala in the Nepali capital in the second match of the ninth edicition of the AFC President’s Cup Group A qualifiers. Taiwan Power Company take on Exchim FC in the first match. nnnn


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