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Sunday, May 5, 2013

UGANDA SENTS NEPAL TO FIELD FIRST IN ICC WORLD CRICKET LEAGUE UPDATE Kathmandu, 5 May: Uganda sent Nepal to field after winning the toss in the final of the ICC World Cricket Division Three in Bermuda Sunday. Nepal had already qualified for the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers Nnnn STOCK PRICES FALL FURTHER Kathmabdu, 5 May: Stock prices fall again on the first day of weekly five-daybtrading Sunday. Nepse closed at 487.99 points after losing 4.3 points. Stock of commercial banks lost 6.99 points while hydro power companies lost more than seven points. Nnnn ADB ANNOUNCES CASYH DIVIDEND Kathmandu, 5 May: Agriculture Development Bank (ADB) announced a Rs 6.000 cash dividend per preference share, A Rs5.26 cash dividend was announced per ordinary share. nnnn


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