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Thursday, June 27, 2013

CPN MAOIST CAPTURES MOHOTTARI LAND Kathmandu, 27 June: The CPN-Maoist has captured 135 bighas of land at Phoolkaha VDC of Mahottari district on Wednesday, RSS reports from Mohottari. The cadres of the CPN-Maoist captured 135 bighas of land including that of Basanta Shrestha, Naresh Shrestha and Jagannath Singh. Before this, the UCPN (Maoist) had captured the land in 2055 BS during the conflict period but had returned in 2065 BS. CPN-Maoist Mahottari said that the land was captured to settle landless farmers as they have been using the land for years even if owned by the three persons. Assistant Coordinator of Mithila Bureau of the party aligned All Nepal farmers' Association, Apsara Baral, said that landless squatters are being settled on the land captured by putting up a party flag. The party has also captured around 100 bighas of land in Bhangaha, Hariharpur Harinmari and Banauta VDCs since 2055 BS. Meanwhile, human rights activists and lawyers have accused the party of trying to terrify the locals by capturing private property. Nnnn PATAN CAMPUS CLOSED DOWN INDEFINITELY Kathmandu, 27 June: Campus administration has closed all educational and administrative activities in Patan Multiple Campus indefinitely due to the tensions emerging after clash es between the CPN-UML affiliated ANNFSU and the UCPN (Maoist) sister organization, ANNISU-Revolutionary, Wednesday afternoon, RSS reports from Lalitpur.. Campus Chief Aman Shrestha in a public notice said educational and administrative works can not be continued as there might be a situation of further clash es between both the student organisations as well as the YCL of the UCPN (M). The clash es ensued after ANNFSU tried to manhandle Campus Chief Shrestha, saying he came to office even if entry for him was barred to protest commission-seeking in the supermarket of the Campus, staff only taken from the UCPN (M) supporters and studies were not effective, and therefore, the clash es occurred in the afternoon. Although police reached the campus during clash es and arrested 13 of both sides, they released them in the evening. A team of 50 riot police were deployed under Police Inspector not to allow the situation of clash es as students and youths of both sides swarmed the campus. Police is accused of beating up ANNFSU students after taking them to Metropolitan Police Range, Jawalakhel. Lalitpur Police Chief Rajendraman Shrestha said police only countered when the students manhandled and verbally abused police during integration. ANNFSU was angered with the Campus Chief after he rejected former FSU President Jhapendra Khatri to work as president as FSU election was postponed last month. RSS nnnn


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