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Thursday, June 6, 2013

FORMER KING GOING TO SIMARA FRIDAY Kathmandu, 7 June: Former King Gyanendra flies for samara Friday. He’s visiting central trai regions making Simara the base. The former kingis resuming his visit of the central terai districts ct off suddenly erlier to visit Bangkok to be with sosn and former Crown Prince Paras who suffered a heart attack. Paras is recovering at a rehabilitation center in the Thai capital after a remarkable recovery. nnnn KAMALIYAS CONTINUE TERAI CLOSURE Kathmandu, 7 June; Freed kamliyas closed down 22 terai districts for the fourth consecutive day in the terai Friday . Normal life has been disrupted in the mid and far-West in for the fourth day Vehicles were escortedto transportpersons and goods. Three rounds of government and freed former Tharu child workers have been inconclusive. Talks resume Friday. The kamaliyas and organizations supporting them are demanding compensation and investigation of excesses, including alleged murder. nnnn


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