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Friday, June 28, 2013

GOVT. ASKS CPN MAOIST TO JOIN TALKS FOR A VOTE Kathmandu, 29 June: Government has asked political parties, civil society and other sections of society to make the 19 November constituent assembly free, fair and reliable in a statement. It asked political parties to join the election fray and admitted no talks have bee held with CPN Maoist “Despite several attempts, CPN Maoists have not joined formal talks<” the statement said adding government feels all parties should participate ion the vote. Government is creating an atmosphere for the vote. The government invited CPN Maoist to join talks for a vote. nnnn WILD TUSKER WILL WOMAN IN SARLAHI Kathmandu, 29jUne: A wild elephant killed a woman at Lalbandi VDC in Sarlahi overnight. Another woman was injured Saturday. Naina Devi Rai of Hempur VDC-5 has been injured in the attack Saturday. Nnnn


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