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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HLPM MEETS WEDNESDAY Kathmandu, 26 June: The high-level political mechanism( HLPM) of the Big Three ad Madesh Morcha meets Wednesday under the chairmanship of MJFL Chairman Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar. Leaders of UCPN Maoist, NC, UML and the Morcha will discuss participation by the opposition in the 19 November constituent assembly elections, expansion of government to break the opposition against the vote aad other issues. nnnnt UML CHAIRMAN KHANAL WANTS REINFORCED INDO-NEPAL TIES Kathmandu, 26 June: CPN (UML) Chairman Jhalanath Khanal has stressed that Nepal and India should have friendly co-relationsm RSS reports.. Speaking at the inaugural session of Cultural Section of Nepal-India Human Development and Friendship Association, UML chairman Khanal said historic co-relations enjoyed by the two close neighbours should be further consolidated. Indian Ambassador to Nepal Jayant Prasad said mutual cooperation and harmony is essential for holistic development of the both countries. Association’s Chairperson Surya Bhusal said friendly relations existing between the two countries help in socio-economic development of both countries and the Association was working for the same. Meanwhile, the Association honoured Nepal Music and Theater Academy Chancellor Ambar Gugung, Nepali national anthem’s lyricist Byakul Maila and singers Avay Kumar and Sapan Ghimire. nnnn CPN MAOIST CHIEF REJECTS UNITY WITH UCPN MAOIST Kathmandu, 26 June: Chairman of Unified CPN-Maoist Pushpa Kamal Dahal today met CPN-Maoist’s Chairman Mohan Baidhya in the presence of UCPN-M senior leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Tika R. Pradhan writes in The Himalayan Times.. The meeting held at Mahara’s residence was arranged by Mahara, who is mediating for the unification of the two parties that split after the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly in 2012. Mahara said Dahal urged Baidhya to join the election process, while Baidhya asked Dahal to create a favourable environment for his party to join the election process. Baidhya urged him to address their demands regarding the election process, government and the four parties’ decisions. “We are ready to join election process but the environment is not favourable. We can join if our demands are met, as we are not against election,” Baidhya told Dahal. In response, Dahal assured him that he will create environment for them to be a part of the poll process after discussing with the other parties in the High Level Political Committee. Dahal’s Personal Secretary Chudamani Khadka said Dahal assured Baidhya that he would convince the HLPC leaders to address CPN-M’s concerns. The two leaders also discussed the relationship of the two parties but did not dwell on party unity. Sources claimed that Dahal urged Baidhya to forge an alliance for the election even if there was a problem in unifying the two parties before election but Baidhya told him that that was not possible in the existing political situation. Sources claim that Baidhya agreed to meet Dahal on the insistence of the visiting Chinese state councillor Yang Jiechi so as to discuss party unity. However, Baidhya claimed that they didn’t discuss anything about the party unity. Baidhya also refuted media reports quoting Dahal that they had been in constant touch to discuss party unity. Nnnn FAMINE LOOMS LARGE IN FAR-WEST Kathmandu, 26 June:: With heavy rainfall and landslides damaging the road network, famine looms large in the hill districts of Doti, Bajura and Bajhang, The Himalayan Times reports from Dipayal. . According to a source, famine conditions prevail in the Bungal area of Bajhang, the southern belt of Doti, and Bichhyan VDC of Bajura. Most of the roads in these districts were damaged due to incessant rainfall since mid-June, resulting in disruption of regular food supply to the districts. While government food depots are fast running out of stock, local businessmen have also not been able to replenish their stock. Bajhang Chief District Officer Padamraj Bhandari, said, “There is only 300 quintals of rice remaining in Melbisauna food depot.” He added that shortage of daily necessities has also surfaced in district headquarters Chainpur, not to mention remote VDCs like Kanda, Dhuli, Talkot and Melbisauna. “Today alone, landslides blocked the road to the district headquarters at 12 different places,” informed CDO Bhandari, adding that attempts are being made to open the roads. According to Bajura Assistant CDO Jayaraj Upreti, supply of food and other essentials was affected after roads in six VDCs in the upper belt were damaged by landslides. “This year, the monsoon started early, so businesspersons could not stock of food items and on top of that even the government had reduced the rice quota for this district this year,” he said, adding the government has cut 2,500 quintals rice meant to be supplied to the district, Likewise, in Doti too, scarcity of daily goods has affected the southern belt of the district. According to Local Development Officer Shiva Karki of Doti, as many as 13 rural roads have been obstructed. Citing the scarcity of daily necessities, residents of the southern belt staged a sit-in at the LDO office today. Food supply for flood victims in Darchula too has been affected by the adverse weather. Surendraraj Bista of Nepal Food Corporation’s Seti Zonal Office in Dhangadhi said about 300 quintals of rice, 500 quintals of pulse and 500 litres cooking oil has been stranded in Dadeldhura. Nnnn MEDIA GOOGLE “The election will be meaningful if all disgruntled parties join the process “We are preparing for both election and agitation,” he said, adding, “Election in our absence is impossible. “Elections can’t be held unless the government addresses various issues including increasing the number of seats under the proportional representation system, provides more citizenships, and delineats constituencies on the basis of population,” (MJFN Chairman Upendra Yadav in The Himalayan Times, 26 June) nnnn


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