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Monday, June 17, 2013

LANDSLIDES KILL AT LEAST 20 IN FAR-WEST Kathmandu, 18 June: At least 20 persons have been killed by landslides triggered by continuous heavy rain in various districts since Sunday, Radio Nepal said in its noon broadcast Tuesday, Parents and seven children were buried by a landslide overnight at a village in Dailekh,, Radio Nepl said. Karnali river has washed away 20 houses. and eight persons missing are missing in Kailikot, In Baitadi four were killed and four others are missing. Residents of 50 villages along Seti river in Baitadi have been displaced. Villagers in Kanchanpur have also bee moved to safer places in the far-West distrit. villages displaces The flood in the far-West is the biggest in 40years, residents report. Three hundred families have been displaced in another far-West district of Kailali. Eight person missing in Kalikot where a micro hydro plant was damaged. A guard.and his wife were swept away. Darchulaa has been cut off by road and relief has to be flown in by helicopter, state radio said. The rising Mahakali continues to erode the river bank on the Nepali side of the river, Radio Nepal said. In the western region, Narayani river is eroding bank in Nawalparasi. Nnnn


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