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Sunday, June 16, 2013

LIGHTNING KILLS FOUR IN PARSA Kathmandu, 17 June: Lightning killed four persons taking shelter from rain at a threshing yard at Bikhahoya at 7.20 in the morning Monday in Parsa. One person was injured. Nnnn MAHAKALI RIVER WASHES AWAY THREE DOZEN HOUSES IN KHALANGA IN DARCHULA Kathmandu 17 June; One person has been washed away by the swollen Mahakali river Three dozen homes have been washed away at Khalanga in Darchula and residents along the iverhave been shifted to saffer places in schoolsand housef of relatives. Settlements along the border river have been cleared overnight. The unilateral construction of a reinforced in India has threatened settlements on the Neplai aside of the river, a radio report said. A suspension bridge was washed away. Residents of Bhimdutta municipality have also been evacuated. Movement to people across the bridge linking Nepal and India at Banbasa has been stopped. nnnn. MEDIA GOOGLE ‘I’ll contest from Madesh with whom I’ve fallen in love.” l (Maoist Chairman Pachanda, Kantipur 17 June) nnnn


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