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Saturday, June 22, 2013

MAOISTS FOR EXPANSION OF HLPC AND INCREASING SEATS IN PROPOSED CA Kathmandu, 22 June: UCPN (Maoist) Spokesperson Agni Sapkota said Saturday his party was in favour of expanding the high-level political mechanism (HLPM) of three parties and Madesh Morcha. Opposition has been demanding its dissolution. UCPN Maoist was also agreeable to increase the strength of a proposed constituent assembu (CA) from 491 to 601 to seats to accommodate CPN Maoist, Upendra Yadav’s MJFN and other opposition parties opposed to government and the vote. “Our party believes that the HLPC should be reshuffled after including leaders like Mohan Baidya, Upendra Yadav, Ashok Rai and others to ensure the election,” said Sapkota. Nnnn CHINESE ASSISTANCE FOR POLICE ACADEMY Kathmandu, 22 June; China is giving Nepal Rs.3.06 billion grant for Armed Police Force Training Academy. Cabinet Friday decided to accept the assistance. Nnnm VACANCIES FILLED IN GULF EMBASSIES Kathmandu, 22 June: Under-secretary Durba Bahadur Subedi has been appointed charge d’affaires to the embassy in Bahrain. Jhabindra Prasad Aryal has been appointed charge d’affaires at the embasy in Oman. nnnn


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