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Sunday, June 9, 2013

MONSOON AROUND THE CORNER Kathmandu, 9 June: It will take few more days for monsoon to begin this year in Nepal, RSS reports.. Generally, monsoon starts from June 10 bringing rainfall to all parts of the country and fizzles out within September 23. Accordingly, monsoon should start tomorrow but the monsoon that has now already covered Sikkim, Meghalaya and Assam of India and is yet to come to Nepal. It may take some more days for the monsoon to begin this year, said Rajendra Shrestha, senior meteorologist at the Weather Forecast Division. The monsoon in Nepal enters from the eastern part and gradually spreads to the west and to the far west. The Division further said as the country has witnessed rainfall ahead of monsoon, it would have more rainfall in average. Rainfall measuring 1300 to 1400 ml is average in Nepal. According to Shrestha, the easterly was stilling dominating the Nepal's wind so, it would take three more days for monsoon. nnnn


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