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Sunday, June 2, 2013

MOVEMENT OF GOVT. VEHICLES BANNED Kathmandu, 3 June: Students affiliated with NC and UML in fresh protests banned the movement of government vehicles demanding postponed student unions scheduled 5 June but postponed after widespread fraudulent registration of voters especially by riva; Maoist students. Five students were injured Monday when government vehicles were vandalized in the capital. . Movement of vehicles were disrupted early morning in front of TU campuses. Students are demanding indefinitely postponed election be held. nnnn NOC LOSS Kathmandu, 3 Jine:The stated owned petroleum supplier, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) is heading to face losses in the month of June this year. As per the new price structure received from the Indian Oil Corporation on 1st June, the NOC will face a loss of about Rs. 33.8 million this month. However, the corporation had succeeded to earn profit of Rs.80 million in the last month May. NOC received the new prices structure form the IOC twice a month. Shiva Prasad Pudasaini, director of NOC said that increment the prices of petroleum products in the international market led to increase in the losses of the corporation this month. As per the new price structure, increment the prices of petrol and diesel has increased its losses than the last month, he said. But the prices of kerosene and cooking gas went down marginally in the international market. Based on the new price structure, the corporation will now face a loss of Rs. 0.58 in per litre of diesel and Rs. 363.84 per cylinder of cooking gas. However, NOC is making a profit of Rs. 8.93 from a litre of petrol, Rs.16.08 per litre of kerosene and 26.98 per litre of Air Turbine Fuel. Earlier, the corporation made a profit of Rs. 11.43 a litre of petrol, Rs. 2.11 a litre of diesel, Rs.15.85 a litre of kerosene and Rs. 26.9 per litre of ATF. However, NOC faced a loss of Rs. 439.5 per cylinder of cooking gas. He said that significant decrease in the price of cooking gas contributed to the reduced projection loss of the corporation even increased the prices of other petroleum products. He, however, said that the corporation will not be able to earn profits until and unless the prices of cooking gas are adjusted because the loss in LPG is attributed to increase in the corporation’s loss. nnnn


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