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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NATIONAL PADDY DAY 29 JUNE Kathmandu, 20 June: National paddy day will be observed 29 June coinciding with 15Ashad when paddy transplantation normally concludes. Rice is the stable food. A national programme will be held at Brahayani in Bhaktapur. nnnn. RARE NEPALI MANUSCRIPTS MAKE IT TO UNESCO WORLDREGISTER Kathmandu, 20 June: Niśvāsattatvasamhitā, the earliest surviving tantric manuscript, and Susrutasamhita, the oldest document in the field of Ayurveda -- from Nepal have been included in the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register. They are the first manuscripts from Nepal in the internationally renowned register of UNESCO, UNESCO'S Kathmandu Office said. “I am confident that their inclusion in the register contributes to creating greater awareness of the need to preserve Nepal’s memory held in the country’s archives and libraries,” said Axel Plathe, UNESCO representative to Nepal. Nnnn


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