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Friday, June 28, 2013

REGULATION TO PROTECT SINGLE WOMEN Kathmandu, 29 June: The Ministry of Women and Children and Social Welfare has enforced the Single Women Security Fund (operation) Regulations- 2070 BS to protect the interests of the single women of impoverished classes. The regulation has been enforced after publishing in Nepal Gazette on June 14 after approval by the cabinet on May 23, said Ministry Secretary Dinesh Hari Adhikari. The regulation has incorporated poor widow, divorced women, unmarried women under 35, and women with husband missing for more than five years, separated women by taking her share of property from husband. The fund will help in running awareness programmes for such women in education, skill development training, self- employment, treatment, relief, rehabilitation, legal help and for social respect, he said. The fund to be formed under the chairmanship of Secretary of the Ministry of Women, and Children and Social Welfare will have two representative women from single women sector, joint secretaries of various ministries and DIG of the Women of the Children Directorate of Police Headquarters as members. Amount received from Government of Nepal, donor agencies, individuals, and organizations will be in the fund, said Secretary Adhikari. Nnnn DENGUE IN DANG Kathmandu, 29 June:A case of dengue was discovered at Sisahania VDC in Dang district. Krishna Prasad Paudel, who is undergoing treatment in Bir Hospital, Kathmandu, has been learnt to be infected by the disease, according to District Police Office, Dang, RSS reports from Dang.. He has been receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital for the last few days. The infectious disease of the tropics can be transmitted by mosquitoes and is characterised by rash and pain in head and joints. Meanwhile, District Public Health Office, Dang, has monitored the VDC. No other cases of dengue were confirmed in the village during the check up, said Keshavraj Pandit, Chief Officer at the Office. nnnn


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