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Monday, June 24, 2013

UPDATE BOMB AT ANCESTRAL HOUSE OF CHAIRMAN REGMI IN PALPA DEFUSED Kathmandu, 24 June: A powerful 2kg pressure cooker bomb was defused at the ancestral home of Chairman Regmi in palpa Monday morning. The bomb was placed just a few meters in front of in front of the house porch. Nnnn INDIAN RUPEE AT RECORD LOW AGAINST US DOLLAR; WILL IMPACT NEPAL Kathmandu, 24 June: The Indian rupee is closing in on record low on the back of month-end importer dollar demand, weak equities. Pair at 59.71/72 versus 59.27/28 close on Friday, 59.9850 life high, Reuters reports from Mumbai.. Dealers say the pair in demand largely on month-end oil demand; local stocks down 0.9 pct. Foreign banks also seen buying USD largely on portfolio outflows. INR may find some support if some inflows related to Unilever open offer for India unit materialise. (Note: Fall of the value of the Indian rupee against the US dollar will further devalue of Nepali rupee against the greenback.) nnnn


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