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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

UPDATE ELECTION CHIEF ASKS PARTIES TO PREPARE FOR ELECTIONS Kathmandu, 25 June: Amid boycott by opposition parties, Chief Election Commissioner Neelkatha Uprety Tuesday asked leaders at an all-partyy meet to to prepare and participate in the 19 November constituet assembly elections. Eighty=four party representatives participated. nnnn. ; LIMBUWAN LEADER ARRESTED Kathmandu, 25 June: Central Committee member Prem Khaling of a movement for Limbuwan was arrested thus week with a crude pistol and bullets c atn Khalse VDC inf Khotang district. Police recovered one pistol and four bullets from Khaling's possession. He is chairman of Limbuwan Ilam. Nnnn CPN MAOIST POLITBURO MEET INCONCLUSIVE Kathmandu, 25 June:A week-long CPN Maoist politburo meet that concluded Monday that also discussed constituent elections was inconclusive. Differences at the meeting will be discussed by the central committee that meets in Pokhara from30 July, Prakash Timilshina writes in Nagarik. Because of differences, the politburo couldn’t discuss further protests. nnnn


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